6 Tips to Google like a Pro

Knowing how to Google is honestly a real skill these days. These 6 tips on how to Google will make a big difference to your day to day.
23.11.23 Charles Griffiths

1. Use quotations ” “
By adding quotations to the google search, google will only show results containing the words in the order you put them.

2. Use hyphens/minus signs
By putting a hyphen/minus sign infront of a word, you will exclude any results that contain that word.

3. Use ‘site:’ to search a specific website
For example ‘ Oprah Winfrey site:bbc.com ‘ will show any results for Oprah on the BBC’s website.

4. Use .. to denote a period
Useful for online shopping, eg. ‘ Suitcase £30..£80 ‘

5. Add custom themes
Head to the 9 squares in the top right of Google.co.uk, clicking Settings > Appearance.

6. Dark mode
To turn Dark Mode on, you can click Settings in the bottom right corner of Google.co.uk and then Dark Theme On. Repeat the process to turn this off.

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