Do you feel frustrated by your current IT provider?

We understand that when your IT is failing you, the productivity and security of your business suffer. Just 10 minutes a day spent dealing with recurring IT issues will cost you 42 hours annually, that’s a whole working week. Poor IT support also results in data breaches, disconnected and unmotivated staff, downtime and reputational damage.

Don’t wait until you are forced to make the decision, have confidence in switching IT providers now.

AAG IT Support Peer on Peer

Are you nervous to change the direction of your IT?

Many businesses will tolerate inadequate IT Support out of fear that switching providers will cause major disruption, business downtime and data loss.

AAG has provided IT Managed Services since 2009. In that time, we’ve built and developed a process that ensures our clients can switch IT providers as easily as switching phones. We’ve onboarded over 150 businesses just like yours.

AAG Switch Guarantee


By conducting a thorough review of your business, its current IT infrastructure and day-to-day processes, we are able to determine the different technological needs of your workforce and develop a tailored IT support plan that supports the specific needs of your business as well as supporting its growth.


We work with your business and your incumbent IT provider to build a comprehensive knowledge base in order to produce a detailed plan for the switching process, including risk mitigation strategies. Your team will be provided with a welcome package and our customer service team will work with them to ensure they are familiar with their new IT platform. Our technical team will closely monitor any changes to infrastructure to ensure systems are properly configured.

Go Live

Our technical and people onboarding program make sure your team are ready to optimise the use of their technology. We continue to build a roadmap for the future, helping you to achieve your goals with the support of IT.

Hear it from our clients

AAG have a deep understanding of our firm and took the time to really get to know our people and how they engage with technology. By getting to know our business from both a technology and people perspective, they have been able to make impactful recommendations that have allowed us to take on additional clients.

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Switch FAQs

Will it take lots of time and effort to switch over?

It couldn’t be simpler. We know how important your time is. Our proven process takes care of everything with minimal disruption. With your permission, we will work with your incumbent supplier and any other 3rd parties to ensure that from your perspective, the transition is effortless.

Will switching mean my systems are disrupted?

Not at all. We make sure that you’ll hardly notice the change. The switch won’t interrupt your business.

What will be the impact on my team?

As part of onboarding your business, we will onboard every user to ensure they are not only familiar with how to raise a ticket but are also introduced to a dedicated AAG team.

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Charles Griffiths
Director of Technology and Innovation

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