AAG IT Services named top Managed Service Provider

We are proud to announce that AAG IT Services has been named a top managed service provider by cloudtango. We have been featured in the eighth edition of the MSP Select UK list, which recognises the top managed service providers in the country. AAG is an experienced provider of cloud services, and we've produced a Cloud Computing Statistics guide to share our knowledge and insights.
16.03.22 Alexa Greaves

Every year, cloudtango evaluates managed service providers (MSPs) across various criteria, including customer feedback, innovation, and overall impact on the market.

AAG IT Services is honoured to receive this award and would like to thank our clients for their trust and support. We would also like to thank our team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to transform our customer’s IT.

"At AAG, our core focus is to deliver transformational change through technology. We work with our clients in partnership to help them understand how technology can support their strategic goals and drive improved productivity and flexibility whilst focusing on the security of their systems. The Cloudtango Award acknowledges our capability and gives our clients the confidence that we have been independently verified as a leading technology provider.

The team spirit, hard work and dedication at AAG supports our growth and development. To be recognised as a leading Managed Service Provider rewards this hard work and the commitment we have shown to our core values of innovation and growth."

Alexa Greaves
CEO, AAG IT Services

For more information about the award and the evaluation process, please visit: https://www.cloudtango.net/select/MSP-Select-UK/1832/aag-it-services


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