ATLAS - Vulnerability Assessment

What is it?

Vulnerability Assessment Scanning is the technical inspection of a computer or network to identify security holes (“vulnerabilities”) that an attacker can exploit to cause major disruption to your business or steal sensitive information. A vulnerability scan detects and classifies these weaknesses allowing early remediation.

Features of ATLAS:

·         Regular Cyber Vulnerability Assessment of networks

·         Fully automated scanning process—no technical knowledge required

·         Easy to follow Vulnerability Reporting with a self-help portal with simple remediation instructions

·         Small & sleek appliance that simply plugs into your network

·         Identify insecure areas  of your network

·         Regularly updated threat intelligence database

·         Identify hacker-exploitable weaknesses in your network

Benefits of ATLAS:

·         Significantly reduce information security risk, enhancing Partner and Client confidence

·         Thwart the latest sophisticated threats that outdated detection systems may miss

·         No need to recruit and train expensive in-house Cyber Security professionals

·         No large Capital Expenditure upfront costs

·         Comprehensive audit trail to assist in compliance of standards

·         Help unlock budget through business case justification

How does it work?

Our Vulnerability Assessment Scans are simple to operate and fully automated so you won’t need any technical knowledge to start the process.  All detected weaknesses are available to view on our highly secure user-friendly portal along  with easy-to-follow instructions on how to remediate any issues found. If you use a third-party IT company, this information can simply be handed to them for any remediation work to be completed.

Why is this different to Anti-Malware we have installed?

Installing anti-virus/malware software is a critical part of your overall Information Security strategy but you can no longer rely solely on this for protection because many of today’s sophisticated attacks can circumvent these applications. You must routinely perform vulnerability scans of all connected devices and remediate where necessary to give you the best chance of mitigating an almost inevitable attack.

Why do I need to perform regular scans?

Vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered in old and new systems (even after new patches have been applied from vendors) so it is imperative you remain just as continuously vigilant as the hackers remain continuously determined to cause disruption to your business.