• Almost 4 million UK businesses could be at risk of losing data because of inadequate or non-existing backup practices.
  • 30% of businesses have no disaster recovery plan in place.
  • 80% of businesses which suffer a major incident, fail within 18 months of trading.
  • Hardware failure is the leading cause of unplanned downtime.
  • 96% of companies survive ransomware if they have a reliable Backup & Disaster Recovery solution in place.

A data loss could be devastating for your business, not only is it costly in revenue, but the time spent recovering (if you even can recover!), can be detrimental.

We understand the importance of having a robust backup and disaster recovery plan. Our dedicated account managers work with you to review what plans are currently in place, and provide you with a tailored solution, for if the worst-case scenario was to happen.

Backing up your data couldn’t be easier with our flexible packages, meaning you’ll never pay for more data than you need. Alongside this we also provide Cloud IT services, with a choice of onsite, cross-site replication, cloud and hybrid backup, to suit your needs and your budget.

We provide backup and disaster recovery solutions across the Sheffield City Region and nationally. If you have been affected by data loss, please get in touch to see if we can recover your data and provide IT support to ensure you have the plans in place if it was ever to happen again.

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Never has there been a more critical time for you to prioritise backing up your business’s data. With threats including cyber attacks and data theft on the rise, and GDPR in full swing, now is the time to update your backup methods and secure your data.

With a support team who are renowned for spotting and swiftly removing cyber attacks like Wannacry and Cryptolocker, you can put your confidence and trust in AAG to protect your data and recover it quickly when you need it most.

Book a free consultation to understand how our team would effectively put a plan in place to save your business both time and money, if a data loss was to happen.

What is Backup & Disaster Recovery?


have you tested your backup & disaster recovery strategy

What Proctor Cars say about us:

“AAG met with us to understand our current setup and our new office.

They quickly sorted new desktop computers, laptops, servers and Back Up and Disaster Recovery for us.”

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