Why you shouldn't compromise on your tablet devices

Choosing tablet devices for your business is always a conundrum.

There’s usually an element of compromise - on build quality, operating system, cost or compatibility. Even when you need a large number of devices, vendors cannot offer a good enough specification or level of durability at a reasonable price. We have witnessed businesses ordering in excess of 10,000 tablets having to compromise on battery life and repair costs because the vendor did not consider it to be ‘a significant deal’. With an estimated $273 billion of computers sold in 2015, vendors such as Dell, HP and Lenovo do not need to compete too heavily for your business. After all, there are no disruptive players in the marketplace offering a customisable tablet and guaranteed parts availability at a good price. Your choices when you’re refreshing your tablet estate or digitising processes within your business are limited to a saturated but uncompetitive set of brands. So - are you stuck with what’s on offer? Or are there options available that you perhaps haven’t heard of before?

There is an answer

For the last six years, we’ve been rolling out the answer to all of these dilemmas in a concept we call Create Your Own Device, or CYOD. CYOD is operational in national and global franchises and privately owned businesses, and brings a solution to the problem of having to choose between price and specification. With more and more businesses digitising processes whilst also on efficiency drives, there has never been a more appropriate time to investigate what CYOD can do for your organisation.

What is CYOD?

CYOD is the service we offer to research, build and deliver the right device for your business. Instead of simply reselling devices that are already available on the open market, we work directly with the manufacturers and our clients - often household names - to design a specification that will meet the demands of the job.

“This includes elements such as designing and building bespoke branded cases for tablets that will be used in restaurant or construction settings,” says CEO Alexa Greaves. “Rugged tablets usually cost upwards of £1500 but with CYOD we can provide the same high specification with a custom-fitted protective case at a fraction of the cost.”

It isn’t just the cases that are built to order, either. “Because we work so closely with our clients to create a device that meets every one of their requirements, we end up with a product that fills a gap in the market,” explains Alexa. “Businesses come to us because what they want does not exist at all or at a decent price. Once we have built and tested it, we know we have created something that would solve many problems for businesses in the hospitality, retail and construction sectors. We are keen to let them know that mainstream vendors are not the only option for high quality tablets and that, actually, you don’t have to compromise on a single thing.”

Repairs and aftercare

Another reason why household names choose CYOD is the aftercare service we provide through AAG’s Managed IT Services. Device management and backup can be a source of stress and we take that off your hands by offering remote Managed Services support for your devices including remote track, lock and wipe. We also provide an exceptional repairs service tailored to your needs: hot swap devices, quick turnarounds and high quality screen repairs at less than half the cost of leading suppliers.

What makes us so confident? We’ve been doing it for six years.

Back in 2012 we embarked on a two-year research and development programme to create the ideal

tablet to introduce to a nationwide franchise. Not every custom-made device is two years in the making, but with a fleet of 5,000 tablets and 4,000 laptops to be introduced to assist the progress of their 700,000 weekly members it was important to get the design exactly right. From an initial Intel reference design, AAG designed a slimline tablet comparable in specification to bestselling business tablets from brands such as HP and Dell. The benefits of CYOD were clear from the outset: a personal service throughout the design and purchase process; a specification that met the demands; and a significantly lower cost of repairs.

To find out about our latest CYOD tablets on offer, contact our team on 0114 3030 249 or info@aag-it.com.