Trend-spotting - IT to invest in for 2018

2017 has been quite a year for IT support as the trend towards outsourcing to Managed IT Services Providers (MSPs) continues to grow. 2017 has also been the year of 'as a service' as more and more businesses embrace the flexibility of the subscription model for software, data storage and even hardware. Which have been the most popular for small and medium-sized businesses, which will be worth investing in during 2018, and which are the tech flops you're best avoiding like a bad case of Ransomware? Let's delve in...


In at No. 5...Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is the easy, secure and flexible way to store your company data and protect it in a crisis. Both terms 'cloud' and 'backup' are often used and still little understood, so when setting up any sort of cloud service or type of backup for your business we recommend a chat with one of our trained Technical Experts (by clicking here) Cloud backup, when done properly can safeguard critical data from theft, fire, flood and cyber attacks, especially when coupled with Mobile Device Management (see below for more). Find out about our Cloud back and disaster recovery here. 


In at No. 4...Managed Mobile Devices

…Mobile Device Management, which includes laptops and tablets as well as company mobiles. With remote trace, lock and wipe functionality you can locate all your company-owned devices, lock them against unauthorised access and even wipe them of all company-owned data, which can be priceless if your device falls into the wrong hands. Find out more here


In at No. 3...Tablets as a Service

2017 has seen a rise in Hardware as a Service – essentially leasing laptops, desktops, tablets and other devices instead of buying them outright. If we think of the way we run our mobile phones, they are usually on a pay monthly basis and this approach is often more cost-effective. The same can be true running other business hardware through a leasing agreement, which now includes our custom-built tablets (minimum orders apply). Our expert team of Account Managers and New Business Executives are happy to help you choose the best option for your business – click here to get in touch today. and click here to find out more about our custom tablets.

In at No.2...Firewall as a Service

Firewalls have always been an important part of network security, but now you can run them through the cloud on a subscription basis with Firewall as a Service. This is game-changing technology for small and medium-sized businesses: no more changing hardware every twelve months, no more patching and important updates. With Firewall as a Service, all of this is done for you and you have guaranteed uptime on your network security measures. This is one security investment that is cost-effective, easy to implement and will make your life easier. Get in touch with us today for a quick quote.


Taking the top at No. 1...Office 365

Office 365 has completely changed where, when and how your office operates. With remote access, file sharing, email on-the-go and single sign-on to name a few, Office 365 makes cross-department communication and security a breeze. If you haven't yet dared to jump into the world of cloud computing, we highly recommend you make a start in 2018 by signing up for Office 365. With cross-platform compatibility and 99.9% guaranteed uptime, it's the fastest route to lighten the load for your IT team and improve efficiency for your whole workforce. Who could possibly want more to start the new year with a bang? Find out about how we can help you with Ofice 365 here

And lastly, we award the Flop of the Year to...


Ignoring Data Breaches

If 2017 taught us anything it's that Equifax should not be allowed to trade given the scale and handling of their data breach scandal, Data breaches are about to get serious for UK and EU businesses as GDPR comes into force in May 2018. Ignorance is no excuse, and it's apparent from the ICO's track record that they mean business when it comes to enforcing fines: they issued just two in 2010 totalling £160,000 but had already passed £3.1m by August for the year 2017. Under GDPR this would be significantly make a note in your diary to get cracking with your GDPR prep in the new year – you have just four months remaining. 


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