Motivate your staff with the right technology

A frustrated staff member battling against old technology isn’t a motivated one. Are your staff members fighting a losing battle?

We believe ensuring your staff have up to date technology is a fundamental part of their working life motivation. Unfortunately, throughout the UK this doesn’t seem to be the case as many organisations are severely lagging behind, relying on out-dated technology. You may be surprised to learn that in recent years research uncovered that the average UK office worker wastes at least 21 days each year due to slow or out-dated technology, surpassing the paid annual leave of many UK workers. This adds up to almost 40 minutes wasted per employee per day!

We can understand how easy it is to become complacent about the technology within your organisation but we’d ask you to consider at what cost this is to your employees. We’re not saying that every time technology advances you need to invest in it but we do believe that your organisations tech should at the very least be brought in to this decade. The digital transformation is happening and you’ve got to be in it to win it.

 Is your technology de-motivating your staff?

Here are the classic signs that your staff are suffering due to the poor technology available to them:

·         Employees become frustrated when using your technology

·         Employees use “workarounds” to complete tasks instead of using the technology you give  

·         Business processes are currently being completed without the use of technology

·         Administrative tasks are taking up more time than your core business services

·         Employee’s place accountability on technology for tasks not being completed on time or at all.

·         Employee retention rate is low

·         Staff muddle through even when your technology fails

·         Disrupted productivity due to waiting on slow technology


How can you motivate your staff with the right technology?

Introducing the right technology can benefit your staff and your organisation as a whole if adopted correctly. However, simply just buying new technology isn’t the answer to motivating your workforce; you’ll need a strategy to get everyone on board and utilising it properly. Technology can be a great investment but if you ignore these basic steps you may not get the return you’d expect:

1. Choose wisely – When you are in the market for new technology don’t forget to keep your teams interests in mind. User-friendliness is just as important as functionality. Technologies that require intensive training and instruction may be counterproductive if they’re not necessary.

2. Share the vision – Put forth a compelling vision for what the technology is and what it’s going to do. The best argument for a new technology is that it will impact your team’s lives for the better.

3. Training – Offer your workforce customised training on all new technologies. Some of your team will be tech savvy and others will be total novices who are reluctant about such advancements so a one size fits all approach won’t cut it. You may need to provide a mixture of online training and physical mentoring.

4. Reward don’t penalise – Rewarding the behaviour you want to see is always more effective than penalising the behaviour you don’t want to see. Offering an incentive as a reward for adopting the technology can be a great way to boost moral amongst staff.

5. Shout about wins – Publicising quick wins will highlight the effectiveness of the technology shift and encourage further adoption whilst boosting moral. This could be done during team meeting, in employee publications or as part of the organisations marketing activities.

Having to manage your own IT support when your staff are not IT experts can prove to be significantly de-motivating. Our Managed IT Services will reduce the operational costs of the technology in your business whilst improving its efficiency to enhance your business aims. From outsourcing all aspects of your IT to using our engineers and technical experts to assist your in-house team, AAG can help your business get better value from your IT budget.

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