Work Experience Diary; Zara Shutt

This week Zara Shutt, an A-level student at Kings School in Cheshire, spent time at AAG to gain experience of the business world. She is studying English Literature, Psychology and Art.

 We asked Zara a few questions about her time at AAG, below is what she had to say:

"I am studying for my A-levels and hope to go to university to further my education. At this moment in time I don’t know what career I want to go into so I am trying different types of work experience and working environments to give me more of an idea as to which path to follow".

 "During my work experience at AAG I spent time with two different departments. Firstly the Marketing department where I helped with tasks including research for blog content for the company website and working on design ideas for a new employee section on the website. Secondly I spent time with the finance department and learnt how to raise invoices, and reconciling supplier statements. I also learnt about credit control and why it is done, which was a good learning curve".

"From this experience I have learnt the difference between a small business and a larger business. I have gained an insight into how marketing teams promote the business digitally and online, using social media. I have also gained knowledge in different sales processes such as ‘QUIS’ selling and how business continuity plans work and are implemented".

"Overall it has been a really useful and great experience that will help shape my future in the direction I want it to go".