Employee Focus- Catherine Hinsley, Business Support Manager

  • What is your name?

Cathy Hinsley

  • What is your working background before AAG?

I have had a varied, and long, work history prior to my time with AAG.  From a beginning in hair dressing, through to a spell in marketing I made my career ‘break through’ as an Executive Secretary Team Leader at EY, Manchester.  This was a wonderful experience working with a fabulous team of people.  It was here that my interest and passion for helping get the best out of people really began.  After returning to Sheffield and having my little boy I spent a few years working for a local PR company before going in to a ‘People’ role at a Sheffield Contact Centre.  And here I am now at AAG!  

  • What is your position at AAG?

My job title is Business Support Manager which fits the role very well…… basically I support the business in whatever way I can.  I was brought in to provide an HR function, look at culture, engagement and staff development, provide PA support to the CEO and look after the facilities management.  Over the years my role has changed with the needs of the business and currently I am enjoying a relatively new challenge of co-ordinating the sales and marketing function along with managing our service partnerships.  The culture piece is still my passion and we are constantly looking at new ways to improve our business, our team and service to customers.

  • How long have you been at AAG? And can you tell us some of the experiences throughout this journey?

I have been with AAG almost 3 years now.  There have been many experiences over this time from initial challenges in changing the culture, an office move with full refurbishment to manage, the life and very sad loss of a key member of the AAG family, to the most significant of all, my personal development journey.  AAG is a wonderful place to be able to ‘give things a go’ and to put ideas in to action for positive change.  Being part of the Senior Management Team gives me the opportunity to really make a difference and I thrive on the daily conundrum of ‘how do we improve tomorrow?’.

  • What are your hobbies/ what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Being a single parent to a very busy 9 year old boy I don’t get an awful lot of time for hobbies.  My weekends are spent on the football side-lines supporting him come rain or shine.  I love spending time with my family and friends, cooking and enjoying a glass of wine or two!  I also read a lot – normally something that’s going to be good for my soul and help me develop.  The books usually end up in the AAG library to try and spread the learning.

  • What is the most interesting thing about you?

I’m not sure what would be interesting….. I went to school in the States, I’m a qualified wigmaker, I share my birthday (day not year!) with Morrissey.

  • What is your proudest moment to date?

Definitely the day I gave birth to my little boy.  I had been told that I couldn’t have children so he is my little miracle.  He makes me proud every single day.

  • If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

This is the worst question in the world as I love food!  I would probably have to go with a Sunday dinner.  Slow roast lamb, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings….the works.  I can spend hours pottering in the kitchen and have perfected this dish.  I even cook a full Christmas dinner for everyone at AAG each year – that’s no mean feat!

  • What is your favourite sport? And why?

I am not known for my sporting prowess.  I do enjoy a game of squash or a good walk out in Derbyshire.  Football pretty much takes over my life and reluctantly I’ve had to take note so I know more about it than I ever thought I would.

  • Is there anything we haven’t covered that we should know about you?

I think that pretty much covers it all.  My ‘why’ is to help other people achieve, be the best they can be and to operate with a deep sense of pride.  This desire motivates me every day whether it be with the AAG team or my nearest and dearest.  To watch people grow and flourish is an utter privilege.








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