The AAG IT Services Business Value Model

Most IT support service businesses provide customers with expert knowledge that they may not have internally in their business such as cloud backup systems or mobile device management. At AAG we believe that this is a standard requirement and have been looking at how we can take this a step further to show how our expertise can deliver a measurable ROI.  As a result we developed our Business Value Model which underpins all our technical recommendations to ensure we are able to add value across the whole business.

The Business Value Model consists of the following:

Reducing Operational Expense- Delivering innovative solutions that help drive value through efficiency and effectiveness.

It is imperative that businesses minimise their operational costs to improve their overall profit margin. IT outsourcing goes hand in hand with achieving this goal as you have the benefit of the expertise and availability of a whole IT consultant team at your service.  Often in-house IT Managers can be held back from focusing on more strategic projects by managing the day to day end user queries that IT outsourcing could be handling instead.  To provide the extra IT support required one option would be to recruit in-house but this can bring issues around providing career development, managing holidays and sickness, not to mention the challenges faced in recruiting the right individuals to fit your business needs. These issues can be costly in both time and money.

Supporting Efficiency in Business- Reducing operational downtime and ensure technology drives efficiency throughout the business.

We believe that having the right infrastructure, proactively monitored and supported, is the best way to ensure the day to day running of your business’ heartbeat.  The correct use of the right technology solutions can shorten processes, ensure reliable uptime and make ease of many laborious tasks.  By utilising great systems and support your in-house team are free to focus on what really matters to your business, leaving the IT support to us.

Enhancing Customer Experience- Enabling you to exceed customer expectation by using technology to improve processes and interactions.

Customer experience is everything in business, our dedicated IT support team will shape and scope the correct IT requirements to help you ensure your customer experience is tip top through the added value of technology. By creating a three year plan we can ensure that the technology options are specific to your business needs and developments, and are focused on enhancing customer experience at all times with exceptional IT support. 

Ensuring Security and Compliance- Minimising exposure to risk and providing solutions compliant with industry requirements to maximise the safety of your data and business activity.

Data is an essential aspect for the day to day activity of businesses, however in our technology led world it can be easy to suffer either a data breach or become a victim of cybercrime, both of which can be catastrophic for a business financially and in reputation.  It is important to ensure your systems are protected,  especially with GDPR coming into effect in the future.  Your Staff should be trained in all aspects of IT security. Making use of cloud servers, cloud security and the right IT BackUp process can make IT disaster recovery quick in the event of a problem.  As an experienced IT support company, AAG is on hand to assist in all aspects of your technical security and compliance including offering cloud backup support.

Flexibility and Agility- Enabling your team to work flexibly and efficiently, enhancing your employee experience in a rapidly changing technology landscape.

In this day and age flexibility and agility are key requirements for business continuity, efficiency and staff retention.  Whether you have a remote workforce, allow flexible working, or need to be able to work anywhere, anytime, it is key to ensure your infrastructure and technology supports this in a secure and seamless way by utilising the latest developments in IT technology such as cloud servers and cloud backup.  With IT support, we can provide the right solutions to allow your business and staff to truly benefit from the flexible and agile approach that IT outsourcing can bring to your company. 



Outsourcing your IT

For more information about how outsourcing your IT support to AAG can help your business find measurable ROI through the use of technology, then please give one of our friendly team a call on 0114 352 0688.

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