ISO 27001 Certified


As a company, AAG-IT specialises in the provision of managed IT solutions and cloud IT services. This includes 24/7 IT support; backup & disaster recovery and we also provide IT consulting services. 

We felt that implementing ISO 27001 would demonstrate to our existing and potential clients that we are serious about protecting our client's systems by following a globally agreed set of requirements and processes for information security.

After reviewing ISO 9001, we felt that this did not really encompass our specialism in IT security, as it concentrates on quality management only. We believed that ISO 27001 is a more suitable fit for us, as this allows us to show that we take information security very seriously. 

With the world of IT changing rapidly and with GDPR, the most significant update to data protection legislation in recent times, we wanted to make sure that we had the correct measures in place to take on the potential challenges brought up by changes in law. This cements our passion to provide IT support and IT solutions in a professional and serious manner.

The primary purpose of ISO 9001 is to guarantee that a company has quality services in place, whereas within the ISO 27001 there are additional measures on top of the 9001. These include:

  • Information Security Risk Assessment, this is where the company needs to show that they are continuously reviewing all areas of the business.

  • Information Security Risk Treatment, this is when the business has identified risk from an assessment and put steps in place to limit these.

With this AAG are pleased to announce that along with our Information Governance and Cyber Essentials accreditations we are also now an ISO 27001 certified IT solutions company.

Our CEO Alexa Greaves and MD Michelle Walker proudly holding our latest ISO Certificate

Our CEO Alexa Greaves and MD Michelle Walker proudly holding our latest ISO Certificate