How to keep customers happy

The best way to keep customers happy is to deliver exceptional customer service at all times. It is no secret that good customer service = happy customers. Exceptional customer service looks different to different people and organisations, and sometimes (especially in IT support) it can feel as though everything is against you to deliver this service. The very nature of working in IT support tends to mean that when we’re interacting with end-users it’s because something’s gone wrong.  Dealing with people who are frustrated by their technology can be tricky and, at times, can require a great amount of delicacy and diplomacy.  At AAG we believe the best way to keep customers happy is to communicate clearly, calmly, and most importantly, regularly.  We pride ourselves in having an exceedingly high first-time fix rate but occasionally even our techies can’t work the required miracle at a click of the fingers.  This is when great customer service is critical and here are our top tips to ensure we deliver our best every time:

Get to know your customers

If you can build a rapport with customers then it becomes much easier to deliver good customer service. If you are at ease when dealing with someone then you are naturally happier which results in the customer having a better experience, and often them being happy in return!

Ask for feedback (good or bad)

Asking for feedback and suggestions on how you can improve your service is particularly important as you will get an honest understanding of how you are performing in the eyes of your customers. Ideally, this would be integrated into the service you deliver as an automated process to ensure the feedback is in real time, accurate and provides data to help you improve. It is also important to keep the communication as a two-way flow so the customer knows they have been heard and their input is important.  Asking for regular feedback will provide the basis for healthy critique and provide a continuous improvement process.

Always do what you say you’re going to do

Following through with actions and keeping customers updated is imperative to ensure expectations are set and met.  Encourage everyone who interacts with customers to take ownership and ensure all requests and issues are dealt with appropriately.  This will establish trust in you and your team to deliver the service the customer wants.

Make it enjoyable to work with you

A happy and friendly customer service team helps to create happy customers. In small businesses, it is normal for nearly all members of staff to interact with customers in one way or another. Training, culture and staff engagement are all key components that can affect how your customers are treated.  Keeping your staff happy will keep your customers happy!