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Are you based in the Sheffield/Chesterfield area and looking to get into the IT industry with an exceptional team that gives you the opportunity to develop as a professional and individual?

With a multitude of training options, you can learn new skills and gain valuable expertise for the future. Contact us on 0114 303 0249 to find out more about joining the AAG-IT family today.

We currently have 3 opportunities to join the team at AAG. Click below to find out more.

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Employee Testimonials


Laura Johnson

Head of Account Management & Customer Service

“When I first started AAG nearly three years ago I came from an admin background with no IT or sales experience. The training and support I have had from management and colleagues has helped me to develop to where I am now.

I was hired through a graduate scheme and had a lot of training initially as part of this, I felt really valued to have so much training over my first few months which taught me the fundamentals of sales and account management within the IT industry.

I officially graduated from my graduate scheme after 12 months and then got to experience both New Business and Account Management. I quickly learned that Account Management was more my forte and where I felt most confident. With my current role as Head of Account Management & Customer Service I enjoy the autonomy, trust and freedom I am given to build and develop longstanding relationships with clients.”

Benjamin Gillespie

Hardware Account Manager

“I have been working as a Hardware sales account manager for AAG found 10 months now and have loved every minute working for AAG. The people and the culture surrounding the business are like no other I have ever experienced in my working career.

After around 6 months of working here I had to relocate to northern Ireland to be with my family, I was expecting to have to leave the company, but as an IT provider that promote flexible remote working they were more than accommodating in respect of not only continuing my employment but providing me with the latest technology and business support to help me continue to succeed in my role!”


Megan Kaye

Procurement Manager

“I started at AAG in February 2015 as an Accounts Apprentice, where I completed my AAT Level two and got to understand the basics of accounting.

Once I completed my Apprenticeship I was given the opportunity to move into the role of Accounts Assistant, I have been in this role for the past two and a half years and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Over the past year, I have undertaken internal training with our Procurement Manager, which has enabled me to develop my knowledge in other key areas of the business. The management team at AAG have given me many opportunities and have supported me with all my decisions.”

Jack Taylor

Digital Marketing Manager

“I have been working at AAG for a year now. The support and guidance that I have been provided has allowed me to develop both personally and professionally. The most exciting thing about working at AAG and my role is the amount of available opportunities. With a warm welcoming working environment, the great team spirit in the office makes me really excited to come to work everyday.”


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On Friday night, AAG had its first in-person company update in almost 2 years!

It was great to see ... the team together again and we can't wait for the next one!

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