You and Your Technology Survey

AAG IT Services Optimises Technology for Lishmans LLP with the Support of The Little Survey Company
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AAG collaborated with The Little Survey Company to optimize the technology for Lishmans LLP, taking into account the feedback provided by the entire team. The main objective was to enhance the user experience and deliver the best possible IT solution for the client.

To achieve this, AAG conducted a customized survey called “You and Your Technology Survey,” designed in collaboration with The Little Survey Company. The survey explored the employees’ perceptions about the technology they used at work, including their everyday experiences, training needs, cyber security concerns, and opinions on the IT strategy.

AAG and The Little Survey Company combined their expert knowledge of their subject areas to create and run a survey that greatly boosted our understanding of the key issues facing our team and how we might best support them.

Digital transformation is rapid in our industry, which is really exciting, but we need to ensure no one is left behind. The results will inform our IT and Innovation Strategy and act as a benchmark to measure progress.

Lishmans LLP

By obtaining this information, we were able to implement effective systems and strategies to meet the needs of Lishmans’ team and clients. We ensured that individuals had the required knowledge and skills to fully benefit from the technology, allowing Lishmans to maintain high standards of data protection, efficiency, and accuracy.

The Little Survey Company’s survey offered valuable feedback, allowing us to implement effective systems and strategies to meet the needs of Lishmans’ team and clients.

With this evidence, we now have a better understanding of how technology is perceived in the business and where we need to implement training or improvements. We can also empower employees to get the most from their technology solutions.

Through our shared commitment to adopting the right technology for the people involved, Lishmans and AAG ensure that technology provides a positive benefit for everyone’s day-to-day work.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with both Lishmans and The Little Survey Company to create this unique survey.

Through this process, we have all gained an incredible insight into how the team feel about the technology they use, their understanding of the IT strategy, and key areas where support is required.

Lishmans have demonstrated to their team how keen they are to listen to their feedback and create a positive working environment of collaboration and continuous improvement. We look forward to working together to mould the IT strategy.

Alexa Greaves
CEO, AAG IT Services