Pharmacist Support

Read how AAG helped Pharmacist Support to increase their overall security posture through the implementation of Microsoft 365 Advanced Security.

“The project went smoothly, with virtually no disturbance to the team and AAG kept us informed at every stage while they completed the work in the background. We’re never complacent, but we can now be reassured that our cyber security is fit for purpose and our security systems are robust.”

Gill Darling
Finance Manager

Pharmacist Support is a well-established, independent charity that has been supporting pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists, trainee pharmacists and pharmacy students for over 180 Years. AAG’s proactive approach towards all IT-related matters and their readiness to put forward strategic recommendations made them the right partner for Pharmacist Support.

Microsoft 365 Advanced Security

During a security review, AAG detected several security vulnerabilities within Pharmacist Support’s network and therefore suggested the implementation of Microsoft 365 Advanced Security. The main objective of this project was to enhance the security of Pharmacist Support by implementing advanced Microsoft 365 security features included within Business Premium Licensing.

The implementation of these features provides Pharmacist Support with protection from viruses and cybercrime, tools to help keep their information secure and private, alongside a robust disaster recovery strategy. AAG will be completing security training sessions to the team, with the aim of making sure that all employees are well equipped to utilise the available technology effectively, and ensure they are aware of latest threats and techniques utilised by hackers. Keeper training which is a robust password manager solution was also provided to the team as part of the project.

The outcome of this project has seen a significant increase in their Microsoft Secure Score and an improvement to Pharmacist Support’s overall cyber security posture. This has empowered the team and relieved the burden of security concerns, allowing them to concentrate on their roles providing such an important service to Pharmacists nationally.

These outcomes were achieved through the application of conditional access policies, the creation of anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-phishing policies and rolling out Microsoft Defender to end-users.

Pharmacist Support Team Members