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We worked with Prezzo to release a multi-functional mobile device to be used throughout their high street restaurant branches.
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Innovative IT firm AAG has launched a tasty new product – a multi-functional mobile device to be used throughout the national high street restaurant chain Prezzo. The device will be used to make bookings, help manage stock taking, display chefs manuals and to provide access to Prezzo’s internal systems all from one device without being tied down to one location.

AAG, based just outside Chesterfield, is known for bespoke devices and was able to help when Prezzo, with 300 UK outlets, needed a tablet rugged enough to survive in the heat of the kitchen yet good-looking enough to mirror their sleek brand image.

Despite much research, the Italian chain couldn’t find a suitable off-the-shelf product, and turned to AAG who planned, designed and tested the specially created tablet in just three months. Six weeks later it was manufactured and supplied with a rugged case, both fully branded. This solution allowed the Prezzo team to add extra accessories and functionality as required.

AAG has developed the unique system dubbed ‘CYOD’ (Create Your Own Device) which provided Prezzo with the bespoke product it stipulated.

David Broom, IT Director at Prezzo shared his experience of commissioning AAG to deliver a bespoke device solution in this Q&A.


What challenges did you face during your search for an ‘off the shelf’ device?

The biggest issue we had was production life of a device. Off the shelf solutions tend to have a limited lifespan with newer products being regularly released. When this happens, it can cause a bit of a headache for us. Not only do we end up with a mix of generations of technology across our outlets, we have the added workload of having to re-test and configure.

Really straightforward – the team came to us, they brought us samples and then delivered the finished product – we didn’t even have to leave the office!

David Broom
IT Director at Prezzo

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