Marriott Drilling Group

The Marriott Drilling Group

“AAG have been an indispensable partner in enabling us to work efficiently from anywhere in the world. Their IT support continues to facilitate the growth of our business and provides me with peace of mind, knowing that my IT needs are always taken care of. I am grateful for their unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Sara Flint
Management Accountant

The Marriott Drilling Group is the largest onshore deep drilling company based in the United Kingdom. They operate over 25 drilling and workover rigs and provide a wide range of drilling and associated services to the geothermal, water, mining, and oil and gas industries. They operate all over the world, including Central America, Africa and Europe.

The Marriott Drilling Group approached AAG in August 2017 with the hope of finding a reliable MSP provider who could support their growth. Upon taking over their support, AAG performed a deep dive of their infrastructure and spent time understanding the business’ challenges and frustrations relating to IT, as well as what their business plans were for the future.

The Marriott Drilling Group have users connecting in from various overseas locations, often with unreliable internet connection. On account of this, AAG made the recommendation to switch their document management infrastructure to SharePoint. The migration onto SharePoint has meant that the Marriott Drilling Group users can access files safely from anywhere in the world, collaborate with colleagues in different locations and download files to be accessed offline if necessary. As part of this project, AAG delivered SharePoint training to users of all different IT abilities to give them the confidence in how to get the most out of their new set up.

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SharePoint migration has provided a better experience for the users at the Marriott Drilling Group as well as allowing the business to stop paying for a VPN for most users. It has also increased the efficiency and productivity for users working remotely, as the VPN stability from remote geographical locations could prove to be challenging.

Another frustration for the Marriott Drilling Group was the difficulty to access their finance software, Sage, from overseas. With the installation of an additional server, AAG have been able to overcome this issue.

AAG continue to support the Marriott Drilling Group’s growth – they have an additional 53 users since onboarding and an additional server. Their setup is scalable and has been able to adapt to offer the most suitable and tailored IT support.