Cloud is one of those mystifying terms that lots of people use, but few fully understand. But don't worry, we've got in-house experts on everything Cloud to help your business make the most of every benefit that using the Cloud can offer.

One thing is for sure, Cloud is a game changer

Cloud Backup


One of the main benefits of cloud is its uptime and security. With remotely hosted servers housed in a highly secure, constantly monitored and maintained Data Centre, cloud backup is a reliable, secure place to host your critical backup data. It's dynamic too, can grow with you, and you only pay for what you use.

AAG’s cloud services use complex end-to-end encryption giving you peace of mind that your data is safe. We use UK- based data centres to help you comply with the DPA and incoming GDPR, and our cloud backup helps to ensure data is resilient in the event of an emergency. 

Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

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By replicating your on premise servers to the cloud you can spin up your environment and continue to run your business even if your site becomes uninhabitable.  Simply let us know where you would like to access the environment from and we will make your servers available.

Cloud Software

Software can be a costly investment for any business, sometimes requiring significant upfront financial outlay. Cloud based software can help alleviate these costs, by using monthly subscription based packages. Email accounts can be included in packages such as Microsoft's Office 365. Adobe also offer Creative Cloud, a cost effective way to get the latest software at a fraction of the full cost if purchased outright.

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers are a great way of reducing your outlay on expensive hardware. Instead of buying servers, you buy space. As you expand, instead of buying another server, you simply purchase more space. It's a great way to securely scale your infrastructure without the worry of financial outlay. If you need less space, you can simply scale back, keeping your costs in check and reducing expensive servers sitting whilst not being fully utilised.

We know how challenging it can be to balance reducing capital spend with the need for up-to-date technology. Trying to plan spend when you've got legacy and new equipment is no mean feat, especially as technology is constantly changing at an ever increasing rate.

Take some of the guess work out of it and speak to one of our Cloud experts about how Cloud can help you and your business.