Cyber Security Awareness Training

The Biggest Security Threat to Your Business Is On Your Payroll. in this free session, our cyber security expert will show you how to protect your business and staff against cyber attacks.
17.05.22 Charles Griffiths

Thanks to everyone that attended the event. The video of the session can be viewed below.

It is an unfortunate fact that in the digital age, people are a business’s most significant security risk. On average, data breaches cost the average company £337,000.

As an IT services partner, we understand how important having sufficient cyber security is to your business. Here’s what will be covered in the first part of our cyber security training programme.

  • Threat Overview – Including Malware, Phishing & Social Engineering
  • Password Management & Safety
  • Internet Protection – Including Search Engine Safety & Public WiFi Best Practices

One of AAG’s cyber security specialists will be on hand to offer any advice and answer any of your burning questions. After signing up for the session, you will receive our free cyber security eBook, as well as a home working security checklist.

This is your opportunity to ensure that you and your business are as safe as possible.

Event complete, the video recording can be viewed below.

Cyber Security Awareness Training