Create Your Own Device

Off-the-shelf tablets and other mobile devices don't always meet your needs - and if they do, there is often a hefty price tag, especially if you need a tough tablet that can cope with the demands of operating in a warehouse, manufacturing plant or construction site. 

CYOD is a cost-effective solution offering rugged- and non-rugged devices with Windows or Android operating systems, in a variety of sizes from handheld scanners right up to 10.1 inch and 15 inch business tablets. Connectivity including 3G, 4G, Bluetooth and even USB-C can be included and we use only the best Intel chips to power your devices. With minimum order quantities lower than you might think, CYOD is not the exclusive domain of the enterprise market and can offer significant cost-savings for those businesses who need it the most.



CYOD provides an average saving of 56% on spare parts and repairs when compared with off-the-shelf devices.


With CYOD, you can design a device that is truly fit for purpose instead of the inevitable compromises when purchasing off-the-shelf. CYOD takes an initial Intel reference design and we work with you to amend it to fit your business’ needs, for example by adding USB-C, a barcode scanner or rugged casing for work in the field.