Donate Or Recycle Your E-Waste in London

Throwing e-waste into landfill is damaging to the environment and often a waste of usable resources. Discover how your business can make a difference with these places to donate or recycle your e-waste in London.
09.05.23 Charles Griffiths

The UK generated more than 36 tonnes of e-waste in 2022.

Electronics are essential in business. But when businesses upgrade their infrastructure, what happens to their old computers, tablets and mobiles?

Just 12.5% of electronics are recycled. The rest ends up in landfills or incinerators. These devices are made of metal, plastic and glass, all of which can take centuries to decompose.

Most electronics that are thrown out are still usable. By recycling your old tech instead of throwing it out, you help reduce waste and could help someone in need.

We’ve listed a few examples of businesses and charities in London that can give your e-waste a new lease of life:

North London

Recycling Your IT: Recycling Your IT’s services include secure data destruction and environmentally safe asset disposal. Their recycling methods have kept over 300 tonnes of e-waste out of landfill, with over 80% of collected systems reused.

Wayst: Wayst offers printer and IT recycling for businesses. While you need to pay for collection, Wayst will securely wipe any data on your devices at no additional cost. They will also provide a certificate of destruction.

Mer-IT: Mer-IT believes that technology skills are essential, like reading and writing. Working devices are sent to families in need, while students use broken technology as repair practice. Their site has a list of instructions for preparing your devices for donation, as well as where you can drop unwanted tech off.

East London

BuyItBack: Established in 1992, BuyItBack are specialists in buying back IT equipment from businesses. By recycling unwanted equipment, they can give devices a new lease of life for those on a budget.

City Waste:  City Waste offers a fast collection service for unwanted electronics, with same-day collection possible for London postcodes. City Waste is London’s leading waste removal company and can handle everything from single bulky photocopiers to complete office clearouts.

South London

London’s Computer Recycling: London’s Computer Recycling offer a range of technology disposal services, from secure data destruction to Mac recycling. They are committed to a 0% landfill policy, with all equipment received either recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Community TechAid: This charity helps digitally excluded people get the technology they need. By promoting tech recycling, they hope to divert e-waste from landfill and reduce the digital divide that holds disadvantaged Londoners back. All donated devices are wiped with Blancco-accredited software in compliance with data security regulations.

DONS Local Action Group: Through their Keep Kids Connected Initiative, the DONS Local Action Group aims to fight digital poverty across Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston.  The initiative has already delivered over 2000 devices to those in need. If your business has any devices that are less than 8 years old and in good working order, visit the site and email the group to see how you can help.

West London

We Clear Junk: We Clear Junk offer a secure data destruction service for hard drives, and safe disposal and recycling for office computers and monitors. They are fully insured and compliant with industry standards. We Clear Junk offers a collection service that suits your business.

Ready Tech Go: Based in Hammersmith, Ready Tech Go provides technology and support to anyone without access to it. Any devices that can’t be given to those in need are passed on to partners that specialise in environmentally-friendly e-waste disposal.

Junkwize: if you’re looking to dispose of your hard drives securely, Junkwize offers robust data destruction services. Operating in Ealing, Fulham, Hammersmith, Kensington and Chelsea, Junkwize works their collections around your schedule, ensuring that your devices are picked up and securely disposed of.

Other charities to consider:

Little Lives UK: This charity offers a free collection of unwanted technology and office equipment across London. Donated devices are securely wiped and help children in need. Over 800 devices have already been donated to schools, youth clubs, refugee centres and councils.

Business2Schools: This charity operates nationally to recycle unwanted office equipment into state schools. By upgrading school infrastructure with faster computers and better technology, they hope to inspire the next generation and create a brighter future for children. They accept furniture, technology and other office infrastructure.

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