Five Ways a Managed Service Could Change Your World

Making sure an IT strategy is implemented and constantly developed is crucial to the growth and advancement of your business.
24.08.18 AAG Digital

Making sure an IT strategy is implemented and constantly developed is crucial to the growth and advancement of your business. However, this can be tricky as not every business has the budget, time or technical knowledge to properly understand how to do this. It can be overwhelming for IT managers to work on the day to day performance and maintenance of end-users and systems, whilst also being responsible for overseeing a budget, strategic development and achievement of operational goals of the business.  To restore the balance, and allow your key strategic personnel to focus on the priorities, it may be useful to consider outsourced support as an intrinsic component of your IT strategy.

Below are five reasons why adopting a Managed Service could change your world:

1. Predictable Cost Structure

For many businesses starting to invest in, and grow, an internal IT team can be challenging and fraught with risk.  Not only is there the obvious financial cost of the personnel, there is holiday and sickness cover to manage, training and development to consider and also the ability to keep their knowledge at the cutting edge of what’s available. If someone leaves, the time and financial cost of replacement, initial training and embedding into your culture can hit hard.  With an outsourced team, all of that becomes someone else’s headache and you can sit back knowing there will always be someone available, on-site or remotely, to assist and all at a regular monthly cost.

2. Advanced Risk Management

Managed Services works as an insurance company. We calculate risks and implement the right services to keep your business secure and compliant. If anything goes wrong there is a team of engineers ready and keen to get you back on track as soon as possible.  With our proactive monitoring, we can fix problems on any of your managed devices before you even know there is an issue!

3. Future-Proof Strategy

Building up and progressing a business has a lot of challenges in itself. Trying to fathom the ever-changing technology landscape to ensure your IT infrastructure is fit for purpose, not only now but for the future, can be time-consuming, complicated and very costly if got wrong.  Having a whole team of tech-savvy super-geeks on hand, who keep themselves ahead of the technology curve, will ensure that any advice given will be up to date, bespoke to your needs and constantly reviewed for performance and ROI.

4. Protection and Peace of Mind

With the heightened threats posed by ever-increasing cybercrime and malware issues, businesses face a huge challenge to their security and continued safe operations. AAG is staffed with security specialists who can keep your systems secure, help educate end-users to be cyber aware and defend you against any new threats that arise.

5. Better Value

The value of your business operations is crucial to your success and customer satisfaction. IT is at the core of most businesses; technology provides the underlying business engine. Low monthly costs, expert skill sets and strict SLAs are AAGs top priority, along with making sure that the end-users are satisfied, businesses are secure and management sees a tangible ROI.

If you’re interested in easing the burden of having to manage your IT as well as an entire company, give us a call on 0114 352 0688 or email us at [email protected]

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