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You can expect...

As part of our free consultation, we’re proud to offer the following:

  • A full security audit
  • A backup and disaster recovery audit
  • A network performance analysis
  • A software and hardware assessment
  • An executive summary with recommendations

Our consultation will show you how to take control of your technology and upgrade your business

Web Application Penetration Testing

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Is your business secure?

Cyber security is now a critical asset to any organisation. Our comprehensive audit will help identify potential vulnerabilities and offer recommendations on how to address them. You can expect:

  • A security and vulnerability assessment
  • A dark web scan
  • An email flow check and spam filtering
  • Identity management and multi-factor authentication checks

If we find any vulnerabilities, we can offer training to ensure that your team has the knowledge and tools to recognise and avoid online threats.

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Can your business survive a disaster?

Our Back-up and Disaster Recovery checklist identifies potential weaknesses in your IT infrastructure that could lead to data loss or business interruption.

We evaluate your existing backup and disaster recovery plan, ensuring your business is prepared should the worst happen. This includes:

  • A backup assessment
  • A disaster recovery assessment
  • A review of your business continuity plan
  • A review of your data protection and GDPR compliance
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Are you overpaying for internet access?

Your internet connection is the lifeblood of your business. A poor connection can be costly, both in terms of lost sales and productivity.

Our tests evaluate the effectiveness of your on-site internet. Speed checks ensure you have the bandwidth to support your business needs. Our tests for reliability and consistency ensure your connection is always up and running.

Many businesses are on the wrong tariff for their business internet but don’t even realise it. We can help to ensure that you’re not overpaying for sub-standard internet service.

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Are you using Microsoft 365 to its full potential?

Microsoft 365 is the most commonly used application suite in business, and we help you get the best out of it. We are a Gold Microsoft Partner.

We recommend the best configuration for your 365 applications. This includes:

  • A review of your business requirements.
  • A comparison of the features and benefits of different Microsoft 365 plans.
  • A selection of the most appropriate Microsoft 365 applications for your business.

Our Microsoft 365 audit includes further security checks, giving you peace of mind that your systems are as secure as possible.

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We ask
Are you wasting valuable resources?

Your servers and infrastructure need to both support your business today and allow for scaled growth for the future.

Our network performance audit identifies the ideal specification for your business. This includes a sizing exercise, measuring how your servers perform over time. Many infrastructure providers overcharge for unnecessary cloud server space. Our audit highlights any redundancies and helps to ensure you only pay for the storage you need.

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A quick turnaround

We understand disruption affects productivity.

This free audit has a 3-day turnaround, giving us time to gather detailed information and ensure the best value for your business. This includes 1–2 days on-site; with a deeper understanding of your infrastructure, we can provide tailored recommendations for improvement.

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What we need from you

Your IT infrastructure is critical for your business’s success.

As this audit requires a detailed assessment of sensitive systems, we need access to someone with admin credentials. The process is non-invasive; you remain in control.

Our recommendations can help your business become more productive and competitive, but there’s no hard sell.

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