GDPR Self-Assessment

What does GDPR do?

The GDPR protects the ‘personal data’ of people (‘natural persons’). ‘Personal data’ is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (a ‘data subject’).

Who does GDPR apply to?

The GDPR applies to almost any organisation that ‘processes’ (deals with) personal data in any Member State of the EU, (and will continue to apply in the UK after Brexit) but its reach is far wider: any organisation anywhere in the world that provide goods or services to people in the EU will have to comply.


·         Proprietary easy-to-use Portal with, up to, sixty insightful questions broken into logical sections

·         Data protection compliance assessment

·         Information Security assessment

·         Data Sharing & Subject Access assessment

·         Records Management appraisal

·         Direct Marketing practical measures

·         Fully reviewed by a UK Data Protection Solicitor

·         ‘RAG’ Status Report detailing required actions


·         Identify current compliance failures and immediate risks to your business

·         ‘Gap’ analysis between what you are doing now and the requirements of the GDPR; (identifying the scale of the challenge you are facing and therefore making it easier to accurately assess the time, resources and costs that will need to be set aside and budgeted for)

·         Which parts of the GDPR will have the greatest impact on your organisation and so identifying what to give priority to in your GDPR planning process