How to use a Microsoft Teams Loop

The digital age has given birth to a host of powerful tools that are revolutionising how teams collaborate and communicate. From project management to seamless communication, Teams Loops is the future of productivity.
24.10.23 Charles Griffiths

Creating a Loop component in Teams
You can insert a Loop component into a Teams chat for you and others in that chat to collaborate on. On the toolbar below the message box, Click the Loop icon. A panel will open listing the Loop components that you can select to insert into the chat.

The Loop component types
There are six types of Loop components that you can insert into your Teams chats. Here’s what they are and how to quickly set them up.

Bulleted list:
Enter as many items for your bulleted list as required.

Similar to a bulleted list, the checklist allows you to check items in the list off but clicking the circle, which will draw strikethrough over its corresponding item.

Numbered list:
This is the same as a bulleted list, but with sequential numbers instead of bullet points.

Add a paragraph of text for you and your coworkers to collaborate on.

A table has two rows and two columns by default. To insert a new column, move the pointer over a vertical line in the table, then click the plus sign that appears at the top of the line. To insert a new row, move the pointer over the left side of a horizontal line in the table, then click the plus sign that appears.

Task list:
This is a table template with columns for Task, Assigned to, and Due date. Fill in the task names, the names of who is completing each task, and the due dates. When a task is complete, click the circle next to it to draw a strikethrough.

There is also the possibility to add other elements to your Loop component, such as a Voting Table, Progress Tracker, Person, Date, Image, Comment, and Divider.

Finally, Loop Components can be used in Outlook in a very similar way. If the recipient is in your Microsoft 365 organisation or has a Microsoft user account, they can interact with the Loop component when they open your email. To insert a Loop component in Outlook, in the toolbar below the email that you’re composing, click the Loop icon. A panel will open listing the Loop components that you can select to insert into your email.

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