How to use a Whiteboard with Copilot in Microsoft Teams

With hybrid roles and remote work common place amongst businesses, collaboration can be challenging, especially when it comes to brainstorming and idea generation. Microsoft Teams has addressed this challenge with: the Whiteboard, which when integrated with Copilot becomes a very powerful tool.
15.07.24 Charles Griffiths

When we talk about AI, one thing that is often overlooked is the culture shift required to embrace AI. Although the latest work trend index from Microsoft shows that this is happening, there are still some sticking points.

Traditional whiteboards are still a mainstay in businesses, and that goes for AAG too. However, those that are engaging with more modern approaches, such as the Whiteboard feature in Microsoft Teams are really starting see the benefits. Especially when combined with the latest AI advancement of Microsoft Copilot.

The Challenge of Remote Collaboration

We all know of the whiteboard sessions that involved a team huddled in a room, markers in hand, jotting down ideas and strategies. However, with teams working remotely, this method is no longer feasible. The digital Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams bridges this gap, allowing for real-time collaboration and idea sharing, just as if everyone were in the same room.

Planning an In-Person Event with Whiteboard and Copilot

Let’s take the example of planning an in-person event. The requirements are clear: a central location, easy transport routes, and engaging activities.

Categorising Ideas with Copilot

With the Whiteboard, you can start by jotting down all the ideas in one place. Then, using the Copilot feature, you can categorise these ideas into groups such as location, food, activities, and transport. Copilot’s AI understands the context and organises the information accordingly, making it easier for the team to review and refine the plan.

Generating and Summarising Ideas with Copilot

Copilot goes beyond just categorisation. It can also generate new ideas or summarise the existing ones. For instance, if you’re considering event locations, Copilot can suggest locations in Sheffield for an in-person event that requires catering, ease of transport and an activity – all based on the context provided. After a brainstorming session, you can ask Copilot to summarise the ideas, providing a concise overview of the team’s collective thoughts.

Collaborating with Loop

Microsoft’s new collaboration tool, Loop, integrates seamlessly with Whiteboard and Copilot too. With Loop, you can take the categorised and summarised ideas and share them across various Microsoft applications, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

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Is it time for your business?

The biggest hurdle is the shift in culture from the physical and traditional whiteboard to the modern virtual whiteboard. However, once you’ve overcome this, the integration of Whiteboard and Copilot in Microsoft Teams is a game-changer for remote teams. It simplifies the process of organising, categorising, and summarising ideas, making collaboration as effective as it would be in person. Whether you’re planning an event, increasing sales, or implementing a new policy, these tools empower teams to work together efficiently and creatively.

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