How to Use Chat GPT for Business

21.11.23 Mark Swift

Are you wondering how to use ChatGPT for your business?

Then look no further. In our latest webinar, we discussed a number of strategies on how you can incorporate ChatGPT into your teams workflows. You can start to utilise this next-generation AI tool to complete simple, repetitive tasks in minutes – allowing your employees to focus on more valuable tasks.

Here are some quick pointers to get you started:

  1. Start with a Prompt: You can begin the conversation with a prompt or a specific question or topic you’d like to discuss.
  2. Be Clear and Specific: If you have a specific question or topic in mind, try to be clear and specific in your input. This helps me provide more accurate and helpful responses.
  3. Ask Follow-Up Questions: Feel free to ask follow-up questions based on my responses. This allows for a more dynamic and engaging conversation.
  4. Experiment with Commands: You can experiment with different commands to see how I respond. For example, you can ask me to explain a concept, generate creative content, or provide advice on a particular topic.
  5. Provide Context: If your question or prompt involves a specific context, providing that context can help me better understand and address your query.
  6. Use Keywords: If you’re looking for information on a specific topic, using relevant keywords in your input can guide the conversation.

Remember that I don’t have access to real-time information, and my knowledge is based on pre-existing data up to my last training cut-off in January 2022.

And if you’re looking for expert help on how to transform the way you work, get in touch.

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