How to Use Microsoft Copilot to Compare Two Word Documents

Microsoft Copilot is the latest AI advancement that helps streamline processes and enhance productivity. But how does it achieve this? By integrating with all Microsoft 365 apps, it becomes your own personal assistant.
06.06.24 Charles Griffiths

The biggest efficiency gain we have seen when using Microsoft Copilot in Word has been the ability to quickly compare two documents. This could be two CVs for a job you’re advertising, a second version of a 20 page policy that has been written, or even proposal documents between two suppliers. Lets take a look at how to use Copilot in Word.

Opening the Door to Efficiency

Imagine you’re working on a policy change or onboarding a new vendor. You have two versions of a document: the original and the updated one. Traditionally, comparing these documents would be a tedious manual task, but with Copilot, it’s automated in minutes.

The Simple Steps

Here’s how you can use Copilot to compare two Word documents without getting tangled in technical jargon:

  1. Open Word: Start with a blank document or the one you wish to compare.
  2. Engage Copilot: Look for the Copilot icon – it’s your gateway to smart assistance.
  3. Command with Ease: Use simple commands like “/compare policy one with policy two” to instruct Copilot to analyse the differences between two documents.
  4. Review the Results: Copilot will present a comparison, highlighting modifications, deletions, or any other changes

Beyond Comparison

Copilot doesn’t just compare; it understands the context. It categorises documents based on sensitivity, ensuring confidential information stays within the organisation. This internal sensitivity label is a shield against data leaks, aligning with data governance policies.

A Real-World Example

Consider a scenario where a company’s privacy policy changes include sharing data with a third-party platform or relocating servers to a less secure location. Copilot can flag these critical changes, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s a policy document, a statement of work, or even a CV, Copilot empowers you to compare and contrast with unparalleled ease. It’s not about generating new content; it’s about gaining insights quickly and accurately, saving you time for what really matters – driving your business forward.

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How can Copilot be used to create a Business Plan?

Within Microsoft Word, Copilot can help create a business plan by simply providing the below prompt on a blank document;

‘Create a business plan for a new coffee shop in the centre of London. The business plan should be aimed at attracting investors, so the idea could be expanded into a franchise model’

Copilot quickly generates a comprehensive business plan to expand opportunities using a franchise model while referencing relevant market data and trends. With Copilot’s assistance, valuable time and resources have been saved, while ensuring the document is well-researched and tailored to investor expectations.

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