How to use Quick Parts in Outlook

How many times do you write the same text in an email? Perhaps you respond to sales enquiries with the same content, or you sign your emails off with the same message?
30.10.23 Charles Griffiths

In Microsoft Outlook, Quick Parts are a feature that allows you to save and insert frequently used pieces of text or content into your emails quickly. Here’s how you can use Quick Parts in Outlook:

Creating Quick Parts:

1. Open Outlook:
Launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer.

2. Compose a New Email:
Open a new email message by clicking on “New Email” or replying to an existing email.

3. Enter Text:
Type the text that you want to save as a Quick Part into the body of the email.

4. Select Text:
Highlight the text that you want to save as a Quick Part.

5. Insert into Quick Parts:
Go to the “Insert” tab in the ribbon at the top of the window.

6. Click on “Quick Parts”:
Look for the “Quick Parts” button in the “Text” group on the ribbon. Click on it.

7. Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery:
In the drop-down menu, select “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.”

8. Configure Quick Part:
In the “Create New Building Block” dialog box, enter a name for your Quick Part in the “Name” field. You can also choose a gallery to save it to and assign it a category for better organization.

9. Click “OK”:
Once you’ve configured the settings, click “OK” to save your Quick Part.

Using Quick Parts:

1. Open a New Email:
Start composing a new email or open an existing one.

2. Go to the “Insert” Tab:
Navigate to the “Insert” tab in the ribbon.

3. Click on “Quick Parts”:
In the “Text” group, click on the “Quick Parts” button.

4. Insert Quick Part:
From the drop-down menu, select the Quick Part you want to insert. Click on it, and the saved text will be inserted into your email.

Editing and Managing Quick Parts:

1. Open the Building Blocks Organizer:
To manage or edit your Quick Parts, go to the “Insert” tab, click on “Quick Parts,” and then select “Building Blocks Organizer.”

2. Select and Edit:
In the “Building Blocks Organizer,” you can select a Quick Part, click “Edit Properties,” and make changes as needed.

3. Delete Quick Parts:
To delete a Quick Part, select it in the “Building Blocks Organizer” and click “Delete.”

By using Quick Parts in Outlook, you can save time and improve the consistency of your email communications by easily inserting predefined text snippets.

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