Is Cyber Essentials Important?

Could Cyber Essentials be the game-changer that your business is looking for?
03.08.18 AAG Digital

It is very rare these days that any business in the UK can function without some sort of electronic device to help with its day to day requirements. Our economy has become reliant on IT and in 2011 the Cabinet Office called for the UK, by 2015, to “derive huge economic and social value from a vibrant, resilient and secure cyberspace”.

With this the governments National Cyber Security Programme engaged with the IASME (Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises) and the ISF (Information Security Form) to develop technical controls to help protect a business from cyber-attacks by ensuring that if they followed specific controls it would help in the prevention of the most common cyber threats to IT Security.

And so the Cyber Essentials Certificate was created, which has become one of the most recognised UK Government-backed accreditations managed by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) . Being awarded the accreditation shows that a business takes Cyber Security seriously by ensuring that it has the correct procedures and processes in place to assist in prevention.

Ignoring cybersecurity is no longer an option. An NCSC report (Cyber Threat to UK Business Industry 2017-2018) showed that 34 significant cyber-attacks took place between October 2016, when the agency was launched, and the end of 2017. A further 762 attacks were less serious. The report also stated that “2018 will bring more of these attacks,”

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus demonstrate that a business has taken measured steps to mitigate the risk to data security from any internet-based threat, as a result of carrying out the accreditation. It certifies that Firewalls are in place to secure Internet connection, the most secure settings are applied for network security, control who has access to you company data and services, you have protected your business from viruses and other malware and your devices and software is up to date.

By working with an accredited IT support company who has taken the time to invest in putting the measure in place, you know that your business in on the right path to better cyber security.