Is IT an Obstacle or an Opportunity

Many businesses see IT as a necessity for their daily operational needs but struggle to transition to a position where technology becomes transformational. With so much choice, businesses often reach a degree of paralysis, not knowing which step to take first.
01.12.20 AAG Digital

Technology evolves at pace and ensuring that you make smart, well planned investment is essential to ensure that the money you spend is not a bottom-line cost but an investment that allows your business to adapt, thrive and stand out amongst your peers.

The first step is not investing in technology but truly understanding what you want to achieve and how technology can play a part in delivering the results you want. This is why your IT strategy should be closely aligned with your business objectives, complimenting your plans for growth, and not hindering your progress. Can technology speed up your journey to success and how do you optimise its results?

The second step is often missed out. This is understanding the technology you already have and ensuring you get the full benefit from what you have already invested in. Is it fit for purpose or is it ultimately holding you back? So many businesses buy into new software or systems but then lack the skillset required to optimise their investment and therefore leave so much possibility on the table. Another common mistake is not engaging or communicating with the people in your team who will ultimately use this system and may often understand better than you what is required to transform how they work.

A strategic review of your company’s IT infrastructure should not only help you understand where you are now from a technical perspective but should also give you a full understanding of how your teams use technology, what is and isn’t working and any requirements you may have in the future.

Spending time to analyse, understand and plan is essential before embarking on defining the way forward. This detailed deep dive puts you in a strong position to formulate an IT strategy that will support and compliment your overall vision and business aspirations.

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