More Office 365 Productivity Tips

You’ve heard of “life hacks,” those Internet videos showing someone turning a kitchen sponge into dinner for six? Well, here are some Office 365 productivity hacks to make your life that little bit easier.
03.12.19 AAG Digital

1. Get organized with Microsoft Planner

Businesses have a lot of moving parts, and staying organised is one of the key challenges individuals, teams, departments, and organisations face.

Microsoft Planner makes it easier for teams to communicate, plan, collaborate, and stay on track—potentially saving their organisation both time and money. With Planner, groups can easily make a plan that allows them to work together on files, even attach photos and files, add comments, flag tasks with labels, track progress on their plan, and send updates. The easy-to-use plan board lets you see the tasks within a plan, group related tasks in a “bucket,” assign tasks to team members, and more.

2. Know the new functions and features first

Over the coming months, we are going to be featuring the best of new functions and features within O365. With information on new features, functions, upgrades and improvements, the AAG blog is your go-to source to find out what’s new and how to optimise your usage of O365.

For example, consider how much time can get wasted just trying to schedule a meeting. Calendars are consulted, emails fly back and forth with lots of “How about Tuesday at 2?” and “Sorry, that won’t work—Thursday at 10?” before you finally settle on a date and time. But did you know about Microsoft Bookings? This awesome service takes a lot of the time-consuming back-and-forth out of trying to schedule an appointment by providing a unique web page that’s basically a self-serve scheduler.

Imagine the efficiency and ease of designating your availability, then letting the calendar take care of itself!

3. Educate your team

With O365 being such an amazing tool and under utilised by many, we can now deliver training to your IT leads and end-users to ensure your business benefits from your investment and the efficiency tools already at your fingertips.  For more information please contact one of our team on 0114 3030249.

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