Our Account Management Team

Laura Johnson

I have been working at AAG since August 2016, focusing on Account Management and Customer Service over the last two years. I am really looking forward to working with the team as we grow to enable us to continue to support all our fantastic customers.”

Dawn Earnshaw

“I have been with AAG for many years, and done a little of everything but finally settled with Account Management and Customer Service. I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to find my niche, work with all our brilliant customers and am really looking forward to working with the team as we grow.”

Gavin Turnbull

“I have worked at AAG for nearly 8 years. During this time, I’ve worked with existing and new customers throughout my time and enjoy helping organisations meet their strategic objectives using technology. Supporting our customers is something we all work well on as a collective team and I’m looking forward to speaking with more of our clients in the coming months and years.”

Ian Gregory

“I have returned to AAG as of December 2019.  I am excited to be involved, as the company grows, to help maintain the current high levels of Customer Service and Account Management for existing and new clients.”

Lewis Renshaw

“I have recently started at AAG as of December 2019, working alongside both existing and new clients. I am really excited to work with all of our fantastic customers to continue to provide support as we grow.”

12th December 2019