Outsourcing your IT requirements. What does it mean? Is it for everyone?

From my last 6 years of experience in the world of IT Managed Services, I’ve met with customers of all shapes and sizes. Ranging from large corporates with IT departments, 100 staff strong, to small businesses where the person who knows the most about spreadsheets provides the IT support or is the IT specialist.
08.06.18 AAG Digital

Outsourcing your IT can work in all sorts of ways. Whether you want to hand the whole thing over to a specialist provider or whether you just need a remote helpdesk facility to support the IT manager, every organisation is different. My opinion as an IT provider is that we need to understand how your business works and even more importantly, what is your business planning in terms of the future?

Outsourcing your IT in 2018 has many benefits including improved flexibility and scalability, access to a broad range of expertise and the latest technologies and around the clock IT support, 24/7. Additionally, outsourcing IT allows your staff to focus on critical business initiatives that contribute to your company’s bottom line.

Here are some of the key benefits of outsourcing all or part of your IT management.

1. Save time and maximise productivity

You pay your employees to work and provide them the tools to do their job. So they need to email, print something for a customer or offer your services before your competitors make their move and bam – the system freezes! Your IT system is flat out and you do not have the time to resolve this IT support issue. Would it not be easier to have the issue fixed promptly, sometimes before you even notice the problem – so you don’t miss out on any business?

2. Business continuity – don’t take it (IT) for granted

How many people stay in the same job for life these days? Employee turnover happens – it’s part and parcel of everyday life. But what if the turnover was out of the blue and the person that was wholly responsible for IT support is gone. What happens to your IT system? And they have your valuable passwords and the admin rights to your data! And now you can’t function! Would it not be better to have no worries about this risk?

3. Reduce the risk of making a wrong decision

We live IT – it’s what we do. Not every company has the time to invest in staff and hope they work out to be long-term, star employees. At AAG, we understand how IT will affect your business. When you consider “what’s the best backup solution?” or “are you getting the best setup?” are you really willing to invest that time to make the wrong call? We work with you and understand your business, its challenges, and how best to fix them.

4. Keep your technology secure without having to think about it

Ensuring your IT systems are as protected as possible in this ever-changing world of cybercrime can be confusing and frustrating. This can include manually seeking and implementing security updates, software updates, patches and backups for data security. These updates may even have to be done on an ad-hoc basis because not all of your computers need these updates, right? Or do they? We have the tools which allow us to remove this worry from you and make sure that what needs doing is done. 36% of computer users “sometimes” or “never” update their Windows operating software and software packages – a pretty shocking revelation.

5. Create more time for you to develop your business, not waste it troubleshooting

You’re a manager or director and the last thing you have time for is IT whilst you have your own job to do. You can’t afford to delegate it to someone inexperienced in IT support because of the risks so what do you do next? You have to consider what your time is worth to the business – it is going to be far more than it would cost you to have IT managed externally! All you would have to do is call us and we would then take the responsibility to fix it. So you can now focus your time once again earning money for your business.

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