AAG are able to assess all IT pain points and requirements in a business to give the optimum recommendation for new technologies that will both streamline business processes and be cost effective.

We want to ensure our clients are equipped with the right tools to grow and develop both their business and their employees. We do this by working out of hours to cater to your business’ needs to make sure there is no downtime or loss of productivity in or out of the office.

That’s why we work with the key stakeholders to discuss the challenges, successes and aspirations of our clients to create a bespoke IT roadmap which aligns with their future plans.

We don’t just sell technology, we help you create an efficient, high-performing infrastructure which will enable your success and put you ahead of your competitors.

If you’re moving to a new office, growing rapidly or simply need to replace some old IT infrastructure, we can help you design and implement an IT solution that will grow with your business, along with IT project management services.

IT Project Management & Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any downtime?

It depends what the project would require. If there is a case where downtime is required, we would manage this with you to ensure minimal business impact. This means that we can schedule necessary downtime for out of business hours (evenings, weekends, etc).

Do you test the solution before the project goes live?

The testing of the solution is planned for every project. We test the solution at every milestone and before the project goes live.

Are you able to offer training as part of an Office 365 implementation?

Yes. We are more than happy to offer training on anything around Office 365 and security. We are able to carry out this training to one employee or to the whole business.

How is the project managed?

Every project is given a project lead who is responsible for the overall implementation of the project. You will also have an on-site lead (which could be the same person). This person is responsible for everything that happens on-site. Your account manager will also be kept updated throughout the project and they will remain your main point of contact.

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