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Does your charity need IT Support?

We offer fully outsourced IT Support to organisations in the charity sector.

  • 24/7 Support – If anything goes wrong, the AAG team is here to help.
  • We help you understand – We put you back in control of your technology.
  • Upgrade your business – Put technology to work for you.
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A security-first approach

Most charities that we work with have embraced technology and understand the value of having a good infrastructure. There can be certain restrictions since many charities have ties with the NHS which dictates the level of the charity’s  control over its IT.

Data security and protecting personal and business information are our top concerns, which is why we have the Data Protection and Information Security Toolkit. This is an acknowledgement from the NHS which shows that our engineers are trained for an NHS specific problem.

We also carry the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

We understand that every charity is different. Our DBS checked engineers work remotely or on-site, as required.

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IT Support for Charities

Traditionally, IT was a means to an end for charities – but the world is moving into the digital age.

Charities will soon be left behind if they don’t make the necessary changes. It is absolutely vital that charities are equipped to deal with technological changes. This can be as simple as purchasing new hardware or as in-depth as a completely bespoke IT strategy review.

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Helping you focus on the most important things

Many of the charities we work with have limited resources, and their time is valuable. It should not be spent managing IT issues.

We reduce administrative time by implementing and training new technology so that staff are available to help their patients and service users. Our site audit tells both you and us what would be cost-effective and easily adaptable to fit your budget. And our 24/7 server support is a standard offering so that we can keep you up and running day and night.

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An IT solution for your charity

We are here to help your charity achieve its IT goals.

Get in touch today, and chat to our expert IT specialists.