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AAG offers several Penetration Testing services which you can use to ensure your systems are secure against cyber attacks.

What types of Penetration Testing does AAG offer?

AAG offers a range of penetration tests (pen tests) that provide a vulnerability assessment of a network’s access points. Each test, from web application penetration testing to black box pen testing, can identify security flaws that could be exposed by insider threats or outside attackers.

Black Box Penetration Testing

Black Box Penetration Testing is a methodology used to test a company's network from the perspective of an outsider with no previous knowledge of the network.

White Box Penetration Testing

White Box Penetration Testing is a methodology used to test a company's network from the perspective of an internal network administrator.

Internal Penetration Testing

Internal Pen Testing aims to demonstrate what somebody inside an organisation (and therefore with access to the internal infrastructure) could achieve if they had bad intentions

Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing is conducted to test the network's security as a whole.

Web Application Penetration Testing

As the name suggests, Web Application Penetration Testing is designed to test your web applications' security.

Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Wireless Network Pen Testing is used to test a company's wireless network from the perspective of an attacker who has no previous knowledge of the infrastructure.
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Why choose AAG as your Penetration Testing partner

AAG is Cyber Essentials Plus accredited. We have been carrying out cyber security tests and improvements for our clients for over a decade.

We work with penetration testing specialists, Cyber Alchemy, who help to uncover potential vulnerabilities in our clients’ computer systems. Cyber Alchemy has the following accreditations:

  • ISO 29001
  • GCIH (Certified Incident Handler)
  • CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional)

The Benefits of Penetration Testing

Ethical Hacking

Penetration tests are carried out by ‘ethical hackers’, Cyber Security Professionals who use the same tools used by malicious attackers to carry out a simulated attack on your network.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

A penetration test report will give you a clear idea of any security issues in your network. With many points hackers can use to gain access to a network, security testing is extremely important.

Prevent Potential Security Breaches

By carrying out the methods of pen testing that are relevant to your network, you can work towards a more complete information risk assessment.

Protect Sensitive Data

The data stored by your business is one of its more precious assets. The trust of your customers, partners and employees depends on controlling access to sensitive data.

Third Party Reassurance

A pen test helps you see how to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to your data. Strengthen your security posture and find your network’s weaknesses before they do.

Expert Cyber Security Support

AAG’s team of cyber security professionals can also help you to resolve any security issues uncovered by the pen test.

Client Testimonials

Read what our customers say about working with us for our cyber security and penetration testing services for companies.

I would definitely recommend AAG to our clients and we do on a regular basis, we would not use a company that we are not willing to sell to our end users. ACS would not be where we are today without the help and support of AAG.

ACS Business Supplies

They are honest, approachable and they have a personality, which is why we would have no doubt in recommending AAG to anyone who is considering using their services.

Crystal Clean Services

I’d recommend AAG to anyone looking for solid IT consultancy and support, especially if you are just starting a new business venture. We’ve found a true technology partner in AAG.

Haus Homes

We would recommend AAG as they make us feel like a valued client and they are friendly, approachable and efficient.

Pharmacist Support

I would recommend AAG as we have had experiences with other IT service providers in the past and all of the other suppliers have let us down significantly. If I could describe AAG in one word it would be ‘reliable’.

Weightron Bilanciai
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