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A powerful tool for ensuring robust web application security

Web app penetration testing stress-tests the security of web applications with the purpose of finding vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Web applications are increasingly used to handle sensitive data and are critical for effective business operations. Simulating the activities of an attacker is the best way to find and fix vulnerabilities before business security is compromised.

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We guide you through the entire process

We work with you at every step of your cyber security journey.

Before any testing takes place, we consult with your team and scope the engagement. We exclude any applications you do not want to be tested, and define areas of particular focus, ensuring all parties are aware of the requirements.

Once the scope is agreed upon, the test is scheduled and key points of contact are designated.

Web Application Penetration Testing

We use the latest methods to keep your business ahead of cyber-attackers

Your business needs robust cyber security to be protected online.

We follow the gold standard of penetration testing methodology through the Open Web Application Security Project. In addition, we apply several of our own novel bleeding edge techniques in our attempts to compromise applications.

This ensures your test results can be used to prioritise your application security risks and mitigate them before they cause any damage.

Our penetration testing services

AAG’s comprehensive penetration tests assess the security of your IT infrastructure, identifying weaknesses before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

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Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing identifies vulnerabilities on a network that could be exploited by cyber criminals. It is essential for ensuring the stability and security of a network of any size.
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Black Box Penetration Testing

Black Box Penetration Testing is a methodology used to test a company's network from the perspective of an outsider with no previous knowledge of the network.
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White Box Penetration Testing

White Box Penetration Testing is a methodology used to test a company's network from the perspective of an internal network administrator.
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Internal Penetration Testing

Internal Pen Testing aims to demonstrate what somebody inside an organisation (and therefore with access to the internal infrastructure) could achieve if they had bad intentions
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Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Wireless Network Pen Testing is used to test a company's wireless network from the perspective of an attacker who has no previous knowledge of the infrastructure.
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Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing is conducted to test the network's security as a whole.

Uncover vulnerabilities before they become an issue

Web application security testing proactively identifies security vulnerabilities in web applications.

Security vulnerabilities can exist in any part of the application, from the code to the user interface. The top web application security risks are:

  • Broken access controls: Access controls ensure users cannot act outside of their permissions. Failure of these controls can lead to unauthorised access to sensitive data.
  • Cryptographic failures: This covers a broad range of issues with data encryption in storage and transmission. Unsecured data is easier to access and expose.
  • Injection:  A vulnerability where user input is incorrectly handled and used to execute unintended actions. This can allow an attacker access to sensitive data or control of the web application.
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Our web application penetration testing service simulates real-world attacks

Most malicious actors attempt to force access to web applications externally.

From a remote external location, we attempt to compromise your web application through a black box pen test. For example, we test if we can access the database behind the web apps in a way we shouldn’t be able to. We attempt to view, modify or delete data without the appropriate permissions.

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Vulnerabilities in your web server could compromise your IT infrastructure

Your web server is a critical part of your IT infrastructure and should be secure against any attack.

We simulate a real-world attack on your server by attempting to install rogue code that would be executed in visitors’ web browsers to your website, potentially compromising them.

We then try to take control of the server hosting the website, which could give us the ability to delete or copy the entire site and all the data, or even connect to other machines it is attached to.

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Web application penetration tests give you a detailed view of any security vulnerabilities

Our tests are designed to find the most vulnerable route into your web applications.

We identify which areas of the application are most at risk and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the vulnerabilities we found, along with recommendations for how to fix them.

This information can help you adjust your internal security policies and ensure any weaknesses are fixed before they can be exploited by malicious actors.

Why AAG?

We become your partners

We spend time understanding how your business operates to develop a bespoke cyber security strategy that protects your data, systems and people.

We are experienced

Our team of experienced cyber security professionals will work with you to provide the best possible protection for your business.

We are proactive

Cyber security is constantly evolving. We constantly evaluate our methods and work closely with you to ensure your valuable data remains protected.

We are focused on your success

Cyber security is a crucial part of business operations. We help you maintain a strong security posture and provide solutions that scale with your development.

We are secure

Cyber security is our priority. We use the latest web application testing methods to ensure your data remains safe.

We are commercially-minded

We identify web application security issues that could harm your operations, ensuring you remain productive and profitable.

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Our partnerships give your business access to cutting-edge security tools

IT security is now a critical element in business operations.

Cyber attacks can damage everything from productivity to reputation. We carry the Cyber Essentials Plus certification to help businesses successfully navigate the constantly evolving security landscape. Our partner, Cyber Alchemy Security, supplies our team with powerful tools and methods for providing the best protection for your business. They hold the following certifications:

  • ISO 29001
  • GCIH (Certified Incident Handler)
  • CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional)

Client Testimonials

Our web penetration testing services have helped businesses of all sizes secure their data against cybercrime.

AAG has been our trusted IT Service provider for many years. They are very prompt, consistent and reliable and I would highly recommend their service.

Hayley Koseoglu
Business Improvement Consultant

AAG is a very professional organisation and the team are always prepared to invest time to better understand our needs and concerns. We would happily recommend AAG as a true IT partner.

AEON Financial Services

I would definitely recommend AAG to our clients and we do on a regular basis, we would not use a company that we are not willing to sell to our end users. ACS would not be where we are today without the help and support of AAG.

ACS Business Supplies

They are honest, approachable and they have a personality, which is why we would have no doubt in recommending AAG to anyone who is considering using their services.

Crystal Clean Services

I’d recommend AAG to anyone looking for solid IT consultancy and support, especially if you are just starting a new business venture. We’ve found a true technology partner in AAG.

Haus Homes


How long does it take to complete web application penetration testing?

This will change depending on the requirements of the client and the scope of the testing. Factors that affect web app pen testing time include the number of applications to be tested and their type, as well as restrictions on when tests are carried out (such as after business hours).

How does web application penetration testing help businesses defend against cyber threats?

A web application penetration test identifies vulnerabilities in web applications that could be exploited by cybercriminals. By simulating real-world attacks, businesses can fix any vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

For example, for a website with an authentication system that uses email and password, a hacker may use brute force to try different passwords until they gain access. A penetration tester will identify this vulnerability and suggest a fix such as changing the authentication system to use stronger passwords or using two-factor authentication.

What is the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)?

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a worldwide, not-for-profit, service-oriented organisation whose mission is to make web applications more secure. By identifying and disseminating practical information on application security, developers and stakeholders can build better software.

OWASP provides technical details about the vulnerabilities companies encounter, and how they can be fixed. The OWASP Top 10 is a classification of the most common attacks on web applications and provides a prioritised guide of steps to take to fix them.

The OWASP Foundation offers a range of projects, tools, and documentation that can help developers make their applications more secure.

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