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Vulnerability assessments help your business maintain a strong security posture

Your internal systems need robust security to prevent a data breach.

One of the most effective ways to ensure your systems are secure is to conduct a vulnerability assessment. By detecting vulnerabilities in a controlled environment, you can take remediation actions before those issues are exploited. These assessments form part of a robust cyber security strategy, ensuring your business is protected against the latest online threats.

Our Vulnerability Assessment Services

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SIEM Services

Robust information security is critical for keeping your customers' data safe. AAG's managed SIEM services protect your business with round-the-clock security monitoring and threat prevention.
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Our approach helps ensure any security vulnerabilities are dealt with before they become a problem

AAG’s team of experts use the latest tools and techniques to carry out in-depth vulnerability scans of your systems.

Malicious actors will attempt to access your data through a range of attack vectors. Our vulnerability assessments cover everything from patch statuses and software versions to multi-factor authentication methods and network segmentation to detect live risks. Any vulnerabilities are highlighted so action can be taken.

We provide tailored recommendations and give you the support you need to ensure your systems are functioning effectively and securely.


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Our Cyber Security Services

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Cyber Security Services

A robust and reliable cyber security strategy is essential. We have a wide range of cyber security services to help you navigate your cyber security journey.
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Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing identifies vulnerabilities on a network that could be exploited by cyber criminals. It is essential for ensuring the stability and security of a network of any size.
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Cyber Essentials

Get Cyber Essentials certified and demonstrate that your business understands the required levels of defence to guard against a cyber-attack.
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Dark Web Monitoring

AAG's dark web monitoring services helps ensure your credentials and business data are not compromised.
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Internal and external vulnerabilities could compromise your business

Finding vulnerabilities is the first step in a hacker’s attack.

They provide an entry point for attackers to steal data and disrupt networks. Downtime caused by compromised systems affects everything from productivity to customer trust, not to mention the additional costs of fixing the problem. Vulnerability management through assessments is a proactive measure to help mitigate the potential legal and financial cost of a cyber attack.

The key benefits of vulnerability assessments

Vulnerability assessments are especially effective when used in conjunction with regular penetration testing for a complete view of your IT infrastructure’s security.

  • Evaluate the strength of your authentication methods: It is now especially important for businesses to ensure they have robust authentication systems in place with the rise of hybrid working. Broken or misconfigured controls mean malicious actors can easily access accounts and disrupt operations.
  • Ensures your security and systems are configured correctly: Any security misconfigurations could have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, so it is important to have these assessed regularly
  • Detect live risks before they become a problem: By detecting vulnerabilities in a controlled environment, you can fix them before they are exploited and cause damage to your business.
  • Prioritise risks to your business: With a detailed view of your business’ security capabilities, you can prioritise the greatest vulnerabilities for efficient allocation of resources.
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We guide you through the entire process

When security risks are identified, taking the correct steps to rectify the issue is crucial.

Our security vulnerability assessments identify weaknesses that could be exploited by cyber threats. But we don’t just send you the report. We draw on our technical knowledge to provide a holistic approach for your cyber security needs, giving tailored recommendations for the best way to move forward.

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An IT partnership that ignites rapid progress towards your goals

Our services are designed to allow you to focus on growing your business.

We work with you to develop a cost-effective solution that fixes known vulnerabilities. Going forward, we can create a full-suite security program that protects your operations and frees up resources so you can invest in what’s important; your business.

Why AAG?

We become your partners

Through our Proven Partnership Process, we develop a deep understanding of your operations to provide tailored IT services for your needs.

We are experienced

We have supplied industry-leading security services for clients for over a decade, and our team of experts are ready to help with any issues.

We are proactive

Our vulnerability assessment services are just one of the proactive measures we take to ensure your business is protected against online threats.

We are focused on your success

Our aim is to make technology a driving force of innovation for your business, helping to inspire rapid progress towards your goals.

We are secure

Every business needs robust cyber security. We regularly evaluate our techniques to ensure your business is as protected as possible online.

We are commercially-minded

We understand how businesses operate and apply that knowledge to provide secure services that support your operations.

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Your business needs robust cyber security to be protected online

Cyber threats are constantly evolving.

Your business needs cyber security that evolves to stay ahead of the threats. We are committed to protecting your data, and carry Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 certification to ensure our services are compliant with the latest regulations. We partner with Cyber Alchemy so you can access the latest powerful technology and techniques for comprehensive protection. They hold the following certifications:

  • ISO 29001
  • GCIH (Certified Incident Handler)
  • CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional)
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Ensure your business is protected today

AAG’s vulnerability assessment service helps you identify threats to your business before they can cause damage. Discover how your business can be made more secure.