Cloud Disaster Recovery

Your cloud data still needs to be backed up

Many businesses that store their data in the cloud think that they no longer need to worry about backing up their data – this is not the case.

While cloud storage is much more secure than on-premises storage, it’s not infallible. Cloud providers can experience outages, and sometimes data can be lost or corrupted.

Having a cloud disaster recovery plan in place ensures that your data is protected and that you can continue to operate even if your cloud storage fails.

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How AAG can help

AAG has extensive experience helping businesses develop and implement cloud disaster recovery plans.

In the event of a cloud outage, we can help you quickly and efficiently recover your data. We can also help you develop a plan for moving your data to a new cloud provider, if necessary.

Whether you are looking for a traditional disaster recovery service or a cloud-based solution, AAG can help. Read our Cloud Technology Statistics guide for a full breakdown of how the cloud is transforming business,

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We can help you create backups for your Office 365 files

Office 365 users can save their documents to the cloud.

However, Microsoft Terms and Conditions state that any data stored in their cloud is not backed up anywhere else. This means if the primary storage fails, data will be lost.

As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, we can identify the most suitable disaster recovery solution for your critical 365 data.

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Keeping your business running 24/7

Does your current service offer round-the-clock support?

Many businesses need constant uptime, which can cause issues if their service providers’ help desk only operates during 9-5 office hours.

AAG ensures your business is supported at all times with our 24/7 service. If an issue occurs at the weekend or overnight, we can still implement your disaster recovery plan and minimise disruption to your operations.

Our Cloud Services

Whether you are looking for a cloud service to backup data or fully migrate your operations online, AAG’s comprehensive cloud services can help every step of the way.

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Cloud Solutions

Experts in Cloud Technology Solutions. See how AAG IT's Cloud Solutions including design, implementation and support can transform your business.
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Cloud Backup

Copying your data to the cloud is one of the most effective ways to keep it safe and secure. Ensure your data can be recovered with AAG's cloud backup services.
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Cloud Networking

Cloud networking is the process of connecting computer networks and devices using cloud computing technologies. AAG can help you optimise your network to get the best out of your cloud service.
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Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing is revolutionising the way businesses operate. Whether you're just getting started or are looking to upgrade existing services, AAG's cloud consulting services help you fully unlock the power of the cloud.
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Cloud Infrastructure Services

Knowing where to start with the cloud can be difficult. AAG's cloud infrastructure service helps you develop a comprehensive strategy that unlocks the full potential of the cloud for your business.
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Cloud Storage for Business

There is no 'one size fits all' for cloud storage. AAG works with your team to find the best business cloud storage services that support your operations.
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A single point of failure can cripple a business

How far back should your business back up to?

Your recovery point objective is critical – can you only back up to a week, a month, or only a few hours? The greater length of time you can back up for, the less risk your business faces.

AAG offers a scalable solution that can help you back up as often as you need to, so you can be confident that your data is always safe.

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Where do cloud service providers backup to?

While larger cloud service providers will have the infrastructure for multiple redundant server storages, this is not always the case for smaller providers.


AAG can work with you to establish where and how often your cloud service provider backs up data, and whether this is suitable for your business needs. Where necessary, we can recommend additional storage options that ensure your data is protected against any eventuality.

Developing your cloud disaster recovery plan

While every cloud disaster recovery plan is unique, there are some common steps that should be included.

Identify your critical data and systems: A business impact analysis will help you determine what needs to be protected in the event of a cloud outage.

Choose a cloud provider: There are many different cloud providers to choose from, so it’s important to do your research and choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Set up a cloud-to-cloud solution: This involves replicating data from one cloud storage system to another, providing an additional layer of protection.

Test your cloud disaster recovery plan: It’s important to regularly test your cloud disaster recovery plan to ensure that it works within your recovery time objective. This involves simulating a cloud outage and testing your ability to recover your data.

Having a cloud-based disaster recovery plan for your business protects your data from natural disasters, malicious attacks and the unknown.


We have helped businesses across the UK develop the disaster recovery resources that ensure their data is safe.

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Ensure your critical information is protected

In the event of a disaster, you need to know that your data is safe and recoverable. AAG’s cloud disaster recovery solutions provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is always protected.

Contact us today to get started.