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We use Microsoft Azure to manage and monitor your services from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

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What is IAAS?

Infrastructure-as-a-service or IaaS is a cloud computing service that replaces the need for physical infrastructure.

The IaaS model offers businesses agility and scalability that is unmatched by traditional IT models. You can quickly deploy or scale up resources to meet targets across your organisation. IaaS is one of the four types of cloud service alongside Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Serverless.

IaaS offers computer services, networking and infrastructure services on an on-demand, pay-as-you-go service model.

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How Cloud Computing Services can Benefit Your Organisation

IaaS cloud infrastructure is a completely scalable model. Cloud storage allows you to access files from anywhere in the world, helping with everything from centralised data management to remote working.

The security of data stored in the cloud is also aided by continued monitoring and updates from the cloud service provider.

  • Access organisation data anywhere
  • Scale your cloud services with your organisation
  • More control over data security over than with traditional infrastructure
  • Aids disaster recovery
  • No more costly, unreliable physical hardware

The Capabilities of IaaS Cloud infrastructure

As an IaaS provider, we believe that any organisation looking for a better value solution to buying and managing physical data storage in a traditional data centre should look to IaaS, SaaS, PaaS or Serverless cloud computing models.

We say that IaaS is scalable as it allows you to add cloud users and quickly scale up or down the cloud services required by your organisation. From test and development environments to virtualization technology and web applications, IaaS platforms can transform the way your organisation uses data.

The underlying infrastructure of IaaS is a virtualised environment hosted on Windows or Linux servers. Virtualisation and virtual servers allow organisations to better utilise resources to reduce costs, increase business efficiency and ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Why Choose AAG IT Services – an IaaS Service Provider

Here at AAG IT Services, we help our clients implement Microsoft Azure as their IaaS platform.We have the expertise to translate business requirements and design and implement secure, scalable and reliable cloud solutions giving our clients control over their technology



Cloud resources to suit your business needs

Fluid Billing

Never pay more than what you need.

24/7 support

Monitoring and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure

Support from our Certified Microsoft Experts

We are Microsoft Gold Partners


We’re ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified

We help you understand

We put you back in control of your technology.

Azure is a reliable and secure IaaS service provider and cloud platform that's utilised worldwide by many businesses.

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Microsoft Azure

Azure allows us to offer our clients server storage resources, storage management, security management, data warehousing and cloud infrastructure

Although there are other cloud providers available such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, we believe that Microsoft Azure offers the best IaaS solution for our clients. It’s a truly astonishing IaaS platform and ranks top of the IaaS providers.

Contact us today to find out more about how AAG IT Services can help you harness the power of IaaS and cloud computing services to work smarter.

Client Testimonials

Read what our customers say about working with AAG

AAG is a very professional organisation and the team are always prepared to invest time to better understand our needs and concerns. We would happily recommend AAG as a true IT partner.

AEON Financial Services

I would recommend AAG as we have had experiences with other IT service providers in the past and all of the other suppliers have let us down significantly. If I could describe AAG in one word it would be ‘reliable’.

Weightron Bilanciai

I’d recommend AAG to anyone looking for solid IT consultancy and support, especially if you are just starting a new business venture. We’ve found a true technology partner in AAG.

Haus Homes

AAG has been our trusted IT Service provider for many years. They are very prompt, consistent and reliable and I would highly recommend their service.

Hayley Koseoglu
Business Improvement Consultant


How secure is Infrastructure as a Service?

Security and privacy are built into the IaaS Azure cloud model. Microsoft is committed to the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards conformance and regulatory compliance. Whilst holding the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider. In the event of a cyber attack, automated backups will make disaster recovery a straightforward, relatively pain-free process. Business continuity is ever-more important in a world where risk is becoming part of the everyday.

Will Infrastructure as a Service save my business money?

With no upfront cost, you only pay for the computing resources that you use. Azure provides flexible purchasing and pricing options for all your cloud scenarios, such as the Azure Hybrid Benefit, and offers extensive tools to help manage your cloud spend.

How to implement IaaS?

Our team will review your current setup and provide you with a tailored and flexible solution to suit the computing resources required by your business.

What else could I need?

As your technology partner, we look at your business as a whole and will provide you with a strategy that supports your business goals. We focus on improving business efficiency and productivity to deliver a return on your investment. Find out more.

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Charles Griffiths
Director of Technology and Innovation

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