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“I was fed up with my IT Supplier…”

“My previous IT Support provider let me down repeatedly. They would take forever to respond to my requests and usually only solved problems after quite a lot of pestering.

Working with AAG has been so refreshing. They detect issues before I do and solve them instantly.”

Dr Steven McKevitt, PhD
Managing Director, Everything Now Ltd.

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How AAG can make the procurement process simple

A procurement expert from AAG will work with your organisation to identify and recommend suitable hardware or software solutions.

By taking out the hassle of dealing with third-party suppliers, we save our clients time and money.

The IT procurement process is notoriously complex, with many variables to consider. That’s why we offer an end-to-end service that is both efficient and cost-effective.

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The IT procurement services process

IT procurement involves a wide range of considerations, from the specification of the hardware or software solution to be acquired through to costs and maintenance.

Our procurement experts take care of the entire process, leaving you to concentrate on your business. We use automated software to optimise the procurement process by forecasting when kit will deteriorate, or performance will degrade and need to be replaced. We keep you fully informed so you can remain confident your IT procurement activities are in safe hands. Outsourcing your hardware and software procurement is a simple way to save time and money. AAG IT Support Services can provide a thorough cost-benefit analysis to demonstrate return on investment.

We are always available to help you with all aspects of your company’s procurement process, from the initial need analysis to software licensing agreements. Our team can also manage your maintenance programmes, keep your systems running smoothly and recycle old equipment for you.

IT Procurement Services

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Cloud Solutions

Experts in Cloud Technology Solutions. See how AAG IT's Cloud Solutions including design, implementation and support can transform your business.
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Cyber Security Services

A robust and reliable cyber security strategy is essential. We have a wide range of cyber security services to help you navigate your cyber security journey.
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Digital Transformation Services

By aligning your IT setup with your strategic goals, you can transform your business performance and stay ahead of the competition.
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IT Project Design

IT Project Design is the process through which AAG designs IT systems for our clients. We give you an IT infrastructure that's flexible, efficient, and easy to use.
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IT Project Implementation Services

To transform an IT vision into a reality, a project manager needs to consider budgets, abilities, timelines, and group dynamics. That's where AAG can help.
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IT Engineering Services

AAG IT Engineering Services help businesses develop solutions for their technology needs. We design, build and manage IT systems to improve your company.

IT Procurement Services Client Testimonials

Read what our customers say about working with AAG

AAG has been our trusted IT Service provider for many years. They are very prompt, consistent and reliable and I would highly recommend their service.

Hayley Koseoglu
Business Improvement Consultant

They are honest, approachable and they have a personality, which is why we would have no doubt in recommending AAG to anyone who is considering using their services.

Crystal Clean Services

AAG is a very professional organisation and the team are always prepared to invest time to better understand our needs and concerns. We would happily recommend AAG as a true IT partner.

AEON Financial Services

I would definitely recommend AAG to our clients and we do on a regular basis, we would not use a company that we are not willing to sell to our end users. ACS would not be where we are today without the help and support of AAG.

ACS Business Supplies
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Where does the IT procurement process begin?

The start of any IT procurement process should include a thorough assessment of your needs.

The consultant or vendor should be there to provide advice about what is appropriate for your business. IT procurement should be an exciting opportunity to improve business processes, rather than an expensive headache. Efficient procurement can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

As a starting point with any new procurement customer, we focus on learning organisational procedures, existing vendors, supply chain roadblocks and current company practices. From here, we work to identify what our customer hopes to achieve through a procurement partner.

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Innovation through Efficiency

Our IT procurement services help your company reduce costs and gain more value from its hardware and software investments.

For many businesses, there is a considerable amount of pressure to drive efficiency in their supply chain. A dedicated IT procurement manager can ensure old hardware is disposed of responsibly while managing contracts and helping to search and advise on new technology.

We are experts in recycling legacy hardware, helping you to minimise your environmental impact.

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Environmentally friendly, ethical recycling

When your hardware reaches the end of its life, disposal can be difficult.

We can organise an ethical recycling service which makes sure your old equipment is disposed of responsibly and provide the necessary documentation for audit purposes.

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Vendor Management

AAG IT Services provides vendor management.

We communicate and evaluate procurement contracts, multiple vendor contracts and warranties on our customers’ behalf.

Cloud Backup

Hardware Procurement

Hardware procurement involves much more than just the purchase.

We help with all the things that can take away valuable time from your business:

  • Managing relationships with suppliers
  • Keeping ahead of the latest technology
  • Arranging maintenance
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Software Procurement

Software procurement offers a range of benefits.

Our team are:

  • Microsoft specialists, offering training and advice on the best services for your organisation.
  • Advisors on all aspects of software procurement.
  • Specialists in all areas of licencing and user management.

We’ll develop a bespoke package for your business, tailoring any license or service agreement to meet your specific needs.

IT Procurement FAQs

How can IT procurement help your company save time and money?

IT Procurement is the process of purchasing new hardware and software for your company. It sounds simple, but there are many pitfalls to consider. Managed IT procurement takes away the pain of dealing with warranties, third party suppliers and software licenses, freeing up your time to focus on running your business.

What is an IT procurement plan?

An IT procurement plan is a document that lays out the steps required to execute IT procurement. The program should detail all of the requirements and help to assess existing infrastructure, allowing better preparation for the future.

Why choose AAG IT services as your procurement partner?

AAG are specialist providers of managed IT services, meaning you can maximise the benefits of purchasing technology whilst working with a team that takes care of everything. We evaluate your business processes and find out what we can make more efficient through managed procurement.

Can you provide a cost-benefit analysis to demonstrate return on investment from IT procurement services?

As information technology procurement experts, we know precisely how to find the best products at the lowest cost. We’ll work with your team to create a cost-benefit analysis of managed hardware or software procurement as part of the initial fact-finding phase.

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Charles Griffiths
Director of Technology and Innovation
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