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What is IT Project Management?

From email to server rooms, technology is a core component of most modern businesses.

The technology goals of organisations have to be appropriately managed for the company to develop and be successful. IT project management is the planning and IT project implementation of these technology goals. These projects can range from simple website updates to server upgrades and cloud migration.

As IT is essential to businesses, upgrades to infrastructure need to be completed without interfering with operations. Outsourcing IT Support and your IT project management is a way to ensure that projects are completed with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

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AAG can manage your business’ upgrades

In-house IT Support teams can struggle to maintain day-to-day system maintenance whilst focusing on the delivery of a complex infrastructure upgrade.

AAG’s IT project management services implement your technology goals with minimal disruption. By working closely with your business, we can identify your specific objectives and ensure the design and implementation of any projects that support your growth plans.

Whether your business needs an on-site upgrade, cloud solution or a hybrid answer, our expertise and partnerships allow us to recommend, design and implement an optimal IT infrastructure.

Our Support Services

AAG’s comprehensive suite of IT tools supports your business’s individual needs. We can provide a tailored, cost-effective solution for your projects, from hardware upgrades to cloud migration.

Managed IT Support

Get complete IT peace of mind with AAG's personal, friendly and flexible fully managed IT Support for business. Take away those IT headaches today.
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Cyber Security Services

A robust and reliable cyber security strategy is essential. We have a wide range of cyber security services to help you navigate your cyber security journey.
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IT Procurement Services

Discover the power of IT with AAG IT Support Services. We offer a full suite of IT services, support and digital transformation services across the uk.
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Disaster Recovery Services

Your business systems and data are incredibly valuable. Let’s make sure you have resilient fail safes for the unexpected.
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Digital Transformation Services

By aligning your IT setup with your strategic goals, you can transform your business performance and stay ahead of the competition.
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Cloud Solutions

Experts in Cloud Technology Solutions. See how AAG IT's Cloud Solutions including design, implementation and support can transform your business.

IT Project Implementation

Every business is unique, so our IT project management is tailored for you. Our initial consultation will identify your technology and business goals. Following this, an on-site review of your current infrastructure gives our project management team information to begin planning your project.

Our specialist team of System Architects have in-depth knowledge of current and emerging technologies. Our project managers work with these experts to develop a complete plan and project schedule. This is shared with your team, and any changes are then made to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

We provide regular updates throughout the project timeline. After executing the plan, we run tests to calculate key performance indicators and monitor stability. Once the project is completed, we perform a full handover to your business. We provide any necessary training to ensure your new service integrates as smoothly as possible into your operation.

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Cloud Services

Cloud Solutions are becoming increasingly popular as businesses move to hybrid work environments.

Managing this data migration from on-site storage to the cloud can be a demanding and complex process for in-house IT teams. AAG’s IT project management team offers bespoke support to help your business migrate to cloud services.

By consulting with you on budget, performance and future plans, we can provide a reliable solution for your service that will grow as your business does. We offer guidance throughout the entire project, providing project management expertise to ensure the process is completed successfully. We plan for downtime, monitor progress and manage changes so your business can continue functioning without interruption.

Benefits of working with AAG

AAG keeps the project management process simple.

Our team keeps your business updated on your project’s progress, and our support tools ensure minimal disruption to your IT services whilst upgrades take place.

  • We offer 24/7 fully outsourced IT support across the United Kingdom, ensuring round-the-clock support for when something goes wrong.
  • Our rapid software implementation minimises disruption during software upgrades.
    We provide specialised IT solutions that support your technology goals.
  • Our partnerships provide powerful tools that allow your business to operate more efficiently.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 accreditation ensures that your data is protected.

Our team has extensive experience working both alongside in-house IT teams as specialist IT consultants and as stand-alone experts delivering a complete project design and implementation. We can manage projects of any size, from software updates to infrastructure overhauls.

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Pay as You Go IT Project Management Services

We know that IT upgrades are expensive, so you should be satisfied with the project execution.

AAG’s Pay-as-You-Go IT support payment plan ensures that you are happy with our work throughout the project, from the initial research and design phases through to testing and rollout.

AAG offers Pay-as-you-Go IT Support as a service, keeping your essential systems running whilst upgrades occur. You only pay for the services you need, ensuring business continuity.

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Keeping your data secure

Trusting IT projects to an external team can be a concern, as their data management methods may put your organisation’s sensitive information at risk.

AAG holds ISO27001 accreditation, ensuring your data remains secure whilst managing any IT projects. Our management project team will regularly update your business on progress, giving you a clear overview of the upgrade.

Client Testimonials

AAG has managed IT projects for businesses across all sectors, successfully implementing services that streamline operations and unleash their potential.

I would definitely recommend AAG to our clients and we do on a regular basis, we would not use a company that we are not willing to sell to our end users. ACS would not be where we are today without the help and support of AAG.

ACS Business Supplies

AAG is a very professional organisation and the team are always prepared to invest time to better understand our needs and concerns. We would happily recommend AAG as a true IT partner.

AEON Financial Services

I’d recommend AAG to anyone looking for solid IT consultancy and support, especially if you are just starting a new business venture. We’ve found a true technology partner in AAG.

Haus Homes

AAG has been our trusted IT Service provider for many years. They are very prompt, consistent and reliable and I would highly recommend their service.

Hayley Koseoglu
Business Improvement Consultant

AAG help me to sleep at night knowing that I don’t have IT issues, and anything can be resolved quickly and professionally. I would recommend AAG because of all the above and the friendliness of the staff.

Home Instead Senior Care Chesterfield

We would recommend AAG as they make us feel like a valued client and they are friendly, approachable and efficient.

Pharmacist Support

We don’t have any downtime as AAG make sure everything is running smoothly. Half the time they know that something is going down before I do.

St Patricks Catholic Primary School

IT Project management services FAQs

Does my business need an external IT project manager?

IT project planning and IT project implementation is a complex process that can be difficult for an in-house team to manage. Good technical skills and project management knowledge may not be enough to deal with unforeseen circumstances, such as team members becoming ill or system blackouts.

An external IT project management service can support internal teams to prevent failures in service delivery and ensure the project runs smoothly. External vendors have resources at their disposal that allow for rapid application development and system implementation. Whilst your systems or hardware are being upgraded, these vendors will have alternatives to keep your business operating, minimising downtime and potential loss of earnings.

What should my business look for in an external project management service?

An IT project management service should provide a full lifecycle approach. This ensures that the solution is always up-to-date, even after the initial rollout phase. When selecting an external partner, the vendor’s business ethics and financial stability should be considered. Any companies your business works with should be sensitive to your business needs and communicate efficiently. A reputable vendor’s client testimonials should be reviewed before an initial meeting to ensure they are confident in their services.

What is an example of an IT project?

Any project that involves IT infrastructure or software. This can include website, software and application development, hardware installation, database management and cloud migration.

What are the 5 phases of IT Projects?

  1. Project initiation: The project objective is identified. A feasibility study is conducted to evaluate the project’s goals and timeline against the cost. Should this be successful, a project plan is made.
  2. Project Planning: The project tasks are identified, and resource allocation occurs. The critical path method highlights crucial tasks for project completion. As the IT industry is subject to rapid changes in technology, an agile project management method is needed. This allows for changes in the plan should new technology be developed or priorities change.
  3. Project Execution: The project plan is executed, and the IT project manager guides the team to deliver the service for the customer.
  4. Project Monitoring and Control: This is an ongoing process throughout the project lifecycle. The IT project manager conducts risk management and ensures the project stays within budget and is meeting deadlines. Key performance indicators are monitored to ensure the hardware or software integrates into the existing systems.
  5. Project Closure: Successful project delivery is achieved once the final deliverable has been completed and approved. Ownership is transferred from the project team to the clients.
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Managing Director

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