Slimming World Laptop Order

CYOD: Slimming World orders 5,000 custom-built tablets & 4,000 laptop
07.06.19 AAG Digital

Following an intensive consultation period, AAG IT Services researched, designed and commissioned 9,000 bespoke mobile devices featuring the Slimming World branding and a bespoke application package. They are used by Slimming World’s Consultants at their 12,000 weekly group sessions, which offer support to 700,000 members in the UK and Ireland. A Microsoft Office OS underpins it all delivering a powerful, personalised experience every time.

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After comparing their needs to what was available on the market, nothing quite seemed to fit Slimming World’s requirements and the costs quickly escalated. An off-the-shelf product could not provide them with a branded device containing their desired connectivity and in-house applications. CYOD offered everything Slimming World needed to have a fleet of tablets and laptops that worked to make the business more effective in supporting their customers.

The process of developing the devices involved identifying and testing numerous different hardware options, visits to the manufacturing plant and extensive due diligence. The chosen design features 4GB RAM, a 64GB hard drive, 4G capability and an Intel reference design. AAG’s consultative approach, which involves the client in all stages of the design and build, has given Slimming World complete confidence in the deployment of their 9,000-strong fleet to their UK franchisee base, with AAG providing ongoing support for repairs, spare parts and full replacements. Since the initial rollout, Slimming World has placed two additional orders with CYOD for 3,000 devices and AAG continues to manage weekly returns across the entire Slimming World estate.

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