Most businesses have unique needs, whether it is business-critical bespoke software or diverse user requirements. With our “one size does NOT fit all” approach, the varying requirements of every business are carefully documented to ensure that we deliver the best managed IT service possible.

We understand a business like yours needs a tailored approach to your IT strategy and management, which is why we don’t offer an off the shelf Business IT Support package. Our dedicated team works with you to analyse your current service and provide a solution that is perfectly suited to address your needs as a business.

Our team of specialist engineers works 24/7/365 to monitor your infrastructure’s availability, performance, and health. Any core infrastructure issues are dealt with immediately to prevent or minimise downtime, creating fast IT solutions for your business.

To enhance our service delivery, we have developed a detailed technical and user on-boarding process. We spend time on-site with key stakeholders and users to determine your bespoke requirements and the critical systems that you currently have in place so that we can prioritise your needs effectively. Whilst on-site, our team will carry out a technical audit, to fully understand how our solution can protect your business, increase efficiency and reduce costs. The technical audit carried out during this process also helps us to create a comprehensive knowledge base, that forms a critical foundation for both immediate and longer-term strategic recommendations. It also enables us to deliver a detailed security report and put together a bespoke IT roadmap of recommendations and priorities, giving you peace of mind that we are here to support you.

Once your business is fully onboard, our Account Management team will arrange regular meetings to share the initial review of your system and ensure you are working as efficiently as possible. The team will work with you on a short, medium and long-term strategy so that your IT infrastructure is suitable for your immediate requirements, as well as your future plans, so there are no surprises.

Software is often an integral part of the day-to-day smooth running of a company. As part of the on-boarding process of a new client we familiarise ourselves with all software, to allow us to work closely with third party providers to resolve any issue and prevent the need for you to get involved.

As your IT service will be fully managed by ourselves, you have access to our support team, who are happy to answer any questions you may have. We offer both remote and on-site support, to ensure that when you require a support solution, you will receive it.

From the first interaction to ongoing account management, our team all work together to understand your needs and effectively deliver your requirements.

If this sounds like something you could need for your business, get in touch with our team for a free strategic review on 0114 303 0249, or alternatively email us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.

What Red Arrow Electrical Distribution say about us:

“AAG is a company that is large enough to provide the support that is required, but small enough for the individual team members to make a difference.”

We would love to work with you, contact us today!



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