We understand that schools have a stretched budget, which is why value for money is the most important issue when searching for the right IT partner, who has experience working in education.

IT is rightly not at the top of a school’s list of priorities, but since we are moving into the digital age, schools need cost-effective and efficient technology that can truly make a difference and engage their pupils, whilst simultaneously being in-line with their budget.

Most IT specialist companies work with either businesses or schools but we work efficiently and effectively with all sectors. We understand the challenges schools face, and work strategically with you to provide solutions.

Although remote support is how we work with the majority of our customers, we understand that schools work differently. Teachers do not have the time or opportunity to deal with IT issues with their IT management partner over the phone as most of their time is spent in lessons and with their students. This is why AAG offers a mix of tailored solutions to schools, which will suit them, not us. Part of this is to offer a solution whereby your systems are constantly monitored and we are alerted the second there is a problem. We can provide onsite engineers if required, either regularly or ad-hoc when needed.

Schools are being targeted now more than ever by hackers as they are seen to be ill-equipped and have outdated or ineffective technology that could easily be taken advantage of. AAG can help you constantly protect your IT systems, ensuring they continue to run smoothly, allowing you to concentrate on education.

If this sounds like something you could need for your school, get in touch with our team for a free strategic review on 0114 303 0249, or alternatively email us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.

What Saint Patrick’s Voluntary Catholic Academy say about us:

“AAG provide us with the experts we need as part of our wider team.

AAG prides itself on its proactive service, which makes them stand out from the crowd.”

We would love to work with you, contact us today!



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