Neil Richardson
Cyber Security Consultant

About Neil

Neil is a Cyber Security Consultant with extensive experience and credibility. Before shifting to consultancy work and education, Neil co-founded Cyber Alchemy LTD and spent 6 years growing and running the business. He also co-created and co-organised SteelCon, the North’s premier hacking conference that attracts over 450 attendees annually for over 10 years.

Neil holds the highly rated CSTL-Web certification for penetration testing and has served as the course leader for the Cyber Security Masters degree at Sheffield Hallam University. He has taught over 500 cyber security graduates and delivered cyber security training for Warwick University to the Malaysian military.

With a wealth of experience working with multiple organisations, including several Medical and Financial tech FTSE 250 companies, Neil collaborates with business owners and CISOs to enhance their overall security posture while assisting them in focusing their budgets to reduce their risk profiles. Not only does he have knowledge of all the major cyber security frameworks and approaches, but he also understands how to apply them within a business context.