The Best Co-Working Spaces in Chesterfield

Remote and hybrid working are becoming more popular. If you're looking for an office outside the office, or just a change of environment, we've found some of the best co-working spaces in Chesterfield.
20.03.23 Charles Griffiths

Chesterfield is a prime location for tech industry workers. The Midlands is the fastest-growing region in the UK for tech, with the West Midlands predicted to create 52,000 jobs and add £2.7 billion to the economy by 2025.

Situated close to Sheffield and with good rail links to major cities like Manchester and Birmingham, Chesterfield is perfect for professionals looking for a remote or hybrid work environment.

A plethora of high-quality co-working spaces means those working remotely in Chesterfield can maintain their productivity levels outside the office. We’ve listed some of our favourites below.

What is the best co-working space in Chesterfield?

The best co-working space in Chesterfield is Monkey Park.

Monkey Park is an ‘inclusive space for the whole community’, comprising a cafe, coworking space and bicycle workshop. Located above the cafe, the quirky coworking space is within easy reach of excellent cuisine if you’ve not brought lunch.

With a focus on community values, Monkey Park offers competitive prices for its office facilities. It’s just £95 for a full-time flexible membership that lets you come in any day Monday-Friday. Alternatively, full-day passes are £7.50. Visit their website for a full price breakdown.

Monkey Park is open 8:00-18:00 Monday-Friday, and membership gives you access to superfast broadband, a secure locker, tea/coffee and printing facilities.

co-working space
Credit: Coworking Corner

What is the best co-working space near Chesterfield?

The best co-working space near Chesterfield is Coworking Corner.

The quaint town of Matlock may not initially look like a place for workers. However, for those living south of Chesterfield, an exciting coworking space has opened its doors.

Coworking Corner markets itself as a ‘cosy, friendly, modern coworking space’ that aims to support you in your work, whether you’re a freelancer or digital nomad. If you like working there, they offer dedicated desks with lockable storage space, that you can personalise as your office out of the office.

Open from 8:30-18:00, this cosy workspace supports professionals through their workday, with a suite of features designed to maximise productivity. This includes high-speed internet, meeting rooms, a library, food and beverages – there’s even an office dog!

What is the best free co-working space in Chesterfield?

The best free co-working space in Chesterfield is Chesterfield Library.

Libraries are excellent community resources. They’re free and provide working spaces, computers, wifi and access to a huge catalogue of books.

Chesterfield Library is open 9-5 Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and open until 7pm on Wednesday and Thursday, making it an excellent option for home workers looking for a focused environment to get some work done.

While the library won’t offer the same amenities as the other options in this article, it is a free workspace and helps support a valuable Chesterfield community resource.

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