The Best Coworking Spaces for Tech Workers in Nottingham

Discover the best coworking spaces for tech workers in Nottingham. Explore the amenities and features of these cutting-edge spaces that foster productivity and community in Nottingham’s vibrant tech scene.
07.06.23 Charles Griffiths

Nottingham’s digital tech sector contributes £2.5 billion to the local economy and employs over 36,000 people.

The city is one of the best tech hubs in the country and home to tech giants like Experian, GoDaddy and Capital One. A third of the workforce is under 30, making Nottingham perfect for graduates and younger workers.

Many businesses now offer hybrid or fully remote options for staff. As such, a thriving community of coworking spaces has developed in Nottingham, giving workers the tools they need to be productive and collaborate outside the office.

We’ve gathered some great options to help you find the space that’s right for you:

Credit: Scale Space

Scale Space

Scale Space’s Nottingham workspaces are designed to help remote workers and ambitious businesses grow. Flexible spaces ensure you can find the right workspace for your needs, while bookable rooms give you a professional environment for hosting presentations, guest speakers and private meetings.

Facilities include 24/7 building access, bike storage, high-speed Wi-Fi and air conditioning. It’s centrally located near the Victoria Shopping Centre and a 12-minute walk from Nottingham Railway Station.


MinorOak is located in Sneinton Market and close to a range of independent shops selling everything from coffee to curios.

There are 28 coworking desks available, offering varying levels of privacy. This includes spaces for private phone and video calls, quiet work areas and more collaborative spaces for teams. Meetings rooms for up to people are available and free for members and day pass holders.

MinorOak focuses on community, with an outward-facing workspace that ensures workers can mingle and interact, if they wish. Their quiet workspace is located on a mezzanine so people can maximise their productivity.


Regus has a global network of offices, coworking spaces, business lounges and meeting rooms with a community of 2.5 million people. They believe in giving businesses choice and flexibility so they can choose the right workspace for their needs.

Regus’s Nottingham coworking space is vibrant and enables individuals to work alongside like-minded professionals. There are options for a permanent desk, coworking membership and flexible day coworking, depending on your needs.

Credit: MinorOak

Cobden Place

Cobden Place is located in a historic lace factory at the end of Cobden Chambers. Once a derelict area, it has been lovingly restored and is now home to a thriving community of shops.

The coworking spaces are spread across the second and third floor of the building, above the meeting rooms, which themselves sit over the ground floor vintage store and cafe. Amenities include a fully equipped kitchen and ultra-fast Wi-Fi.

Memberships are flexible depending on your needs. All memberships have options for how many working days per week you need. Check out their site and find the membership that suits you.

Works Social

Works Social aims to facilitate connections and create the go-to creative hub with their contemporary coworking space. It caters for both individuals and small teams, offering both the resources they need to innovate and develop.

Spread across four floors, there is plenty of space for workers to be productive. Works Social encourages members to mingle and share ideas, cultivating a vibrant community that collaborates and innovates.

If you’re looking for a taste of Works Social’s work environment, their ‘Flexible Fridays’ is open to non-members and lets people work from the ground floor hot-bench. Visit their site and see if Works Social is right for you!


BizSpace Nottingham Roden is less than a mile from the commercial district, putting the city’s shops, restaurants and gyms on your doorstep.

BizSpace caters to small businesses, with office spaces ranging from 2 to 14 people. Renting a space is flexible, operating on a licensing agreement so you’re not tied to a lengthy contract. As they own the building, BizSpace can help you customise your space to suit your needs.

Businesses renting a space here get 24/7 building access, an on-site gym, goods lift and an on-site maintenance team. The building is even pet-friendly.

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